Monday, December 28, 2009

careless defragmentation

like i know or care
its just there
and one tiny click ought to make it die
but why
why deny
or why call it mine
(yeah rhyme it with 'divine'
like you always do)

just ought to sit
and work at the goal
spin out of control
which way?
(you say, you said and you will keep on saying)
the days keep on going
no history
(no comments?
i said no)

well, yes
the formalities
social jollities
ice lollies
(i am a baby
i'll eat 'em of course)
the world aint so hoarse

it is smooth
so smooth
just geographical places
races, faces, caresses?
and braces)
all set
don't forgive but forget

years and years
miscalculated fears
(think of yourself, you silly goose)
let loose
loose what?
lose what?
(not mine not mine
definitely not divine)

abrupt ends aren't fine
but they ought to be revealing
(no concealing
you love yourself too much)
i love you in the mirror
deflowered history

(i oughtta read... read more learn more)
you are such a bore
(history, a whore?)
just like before
know and not care
if you dare
(no i have thrown it bare)

its larger than you think
tiny places stink
drink? think? wink?
(bleh! find a proper link)
i just forgot...
(rhyme it with a steady trot..
a lively little blink)
we shall not sink.

Friday, November 13, 2009

speaking of pronunciations...

I am going through an intellectual crisis. I would not have been here if I did not receive a triplet of prods from three readers. That obviously made me happy as I don't want to lose my readers, and hence this intellect-less post about (don't try to guess) pronunciations.
This is more about a personal battle about a habit I am trying to overcome rather than a general post. The said nasty habit happens to be laughing at fellow Bengalees if they make the unforgivable mistake of getting the pronunciation of an English word wrong!
Not just Bengalees, Indians usually have this tendency to find something weird about any different accent of English used by their fellow countrymen. Colonial hangover? :) I shall not go into discussing hangovers because not only are they clichéd but I think we are way beyond blaming anything on hangovers.

Here's a scene to support my claim. This, in fact, happened to a friend of mine while he was conversing with a woman from southern India.
woman: You have a wonderful English pronunciation for a Bengalee.
friend: Thanks! (aside) You don't have that Southie streak in your English either!
I guess the aside was not spoken because something important to my friend was in the hands of the lady.
I find the whole sequence extremely funny, and initially I, of course, took my friend's side. But after growing up by several months and giving the whole thing much afterthought, I felt that both were in the wrong. Not only were they mocking each other (assuming the woman's comment to be less of a compliment and more of a racist comment and my friend's unsaid reaction the same), but they were fighting about the correct pronunciation of a language that is grossly distorted by innumerable foreigners, whom we pardon in the blink of an eye.

The hangover theory falls into shreds here itself, because if we were still faithful to our British lords and ladies, we would at least show the courtesy of mocking not only our fellow countrymen, but also the non-British foreign population, who each day strip and dissect the poor language giving it exquisite forms in terms of pronunciations and spellings.
We therefore, worship not the British, but the foreigners (I am not saying whites, because we do not seem to mind the black populace use its own versions of English either).

The Australians say "today" and I hear "to die"...
The Italians say "t" and i hear a much softened thing that weirdly resembles the Bengalee taw!
And let me not start about the section of English-speakers who say "my" and I hear an agonizing call for mummy (pardon "mah" ears)!
But we do not laugh at foreigners. It does not occur to us that English is as much our language as it is theirs. We perhaps give non-Indians the privilege to own the language and we humbly listen on as they speak in their flawlessly inaccurate versions of the British original. (Oh! but they are from America, or Italy or Australia or god-knows-what-ia, and they, of course have their own mannerisms.)

The scene now shifts to home. I have laughed at innumerable near and dear (and not so near and dear) ones behind their backs when I have heard them speak English.
"Pillar" often became "peeler" and "Shakespeare" "Sexpear". The latter, especially, infuriated me. But then I forced myself to notice how people call our dear old Robindronaath - Ravindranaath/Robindronaath/Rabindranath (and sometimes oh-the-horror Ravindronath). Even his surname is not spared as it constantly shuttles between the Bengalee and the non-Bengalee versions! What are Indians anyway? Multifaced monsters to suit different cultures? And on top of that, we get angry when we pronounce some foreign word wrong!!!

Hence began my battle and I am only halfway there. So when the girl next to me says "sale" instead of "sell", I have to remind myself that she is not uneducated. She is just guilty of the same crime as any white Italian or Black American and so on and so forth. To be fair, if I choose to laugh, I must laugh at anyone who messes up the standard- Indian or not. But it is, of course, polite to not laugh at all, as long as pronunciation does not hinder communication.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

time schemes in the city

It's midnight
in my room
Yet i don't feel alone

You're sleeping
Is it midnight too there?

I'm dying to tell you
the things that i forgot
You smile in your sleep
like you know I'm there

I hear your breathing
yet you do not wake
My loud and sharp voices
could wake you by mistake

It's morning
I just need to call

You're waking
Is it morning there at all?

I see you typing
those blurred lines that pay
I'm trying to tell you
please start my new day

It's twilight
here and there
Tell me its the same

I'm going to tell you
to play our little game
You look at me arms open
Your eyes close with mine

You're sleeping
with me
The time seems divine

I breathe slow
and deeper
Nothing breaks the spell

We're breathing
Through heaven and through hell

It's daytime
in our room
We both can see the rays

I'm holding
you closer
The room is ablaze

I'm trying to find out
what I left unsaid
The light is shining like gold
Proving nothing's been untold.

Friday, July 24, 2009

indoor and outdoor peeks

Its been a while. I have had many subjects to write about, but I let go of them one by one and right now I am left with the ghosts of all of them lurking in my mind..

Personal issues that deserved some attention were long forgotten.. but I shall not let them disappear this way so here they are

1. A voter ID - something I should have owned 4 years back. I am 22 and still without one. Thankfully I have the relics of my birth certificate and other stupid IDs here and there that helped me open a bank account. One of these days I may have to hop to the nearest municipal whatever and beg the extremely (un)helpful officials to tell me when when when they are taking down new names. I may ask my parents to go too, but they may say I am 22 and should learn how to get my own jobs done without help. :P

2. My house - I love my house though it could have done with a tiny balcony and an elevator (I am perched on the 4th floor for god's sake. But yeah, taking the stairs helps burn the extra fat I acquire from my daily dose of payesh :P It will continue helping Maa burn hers till her last day :P). Other pressing problems include the alien people (with due respect to travellers and tourists) who live on our first floor. The first floor doesn't exactly belong to me, but then again, isn't it a custom to let the other people of your apartment know before you are letting your flat out as a PG? These weirdos have rented the first floor god knows according to what law, cause I know for a fact that the government has nothing to do with it. Outsiders using the terrace and staircase and corridors sure irritate me big time. But nothing doing here as well. I gotta remember I have my flat all to myself.. mwahaha

3. A piece of good news now. I graduated with a first class and have joined MA classes in the same lovely University. Life rocks. :)

4. My PC and I - Ice Age3, The Pink Panther2, Taken, The boy in the Striped Pyjamas and a few more... I LOVE movies and I LOVE my supplier ;)
I should have elaborated on the movies, but that'll require a new post.

Now the outdoor scenario...
1. the Intellectual problem - A few days (or fortnights) back, this group of intellectuals visited some rural area in West Bengal where there was some political unrest etc etc (I WONT be your umpteenth newspaper. So, for details, hunt down your old newspaper archives :P). Now a friend of my dad's turned up and the two men happily debated whether it is right to call them intellectuals. Being men from a strong academic background they absolutely hated the word when it was applied to the likes of college dropouts who have appeared in a few films or amateur directors. I kind of agree. Some artists ARE intellectuals. But surely they cannot represent the entire intellectual community by themselves. Where are the professors and the doctors and the engineers and the entrepreneurs? And why is it that only people from the film and drama world are the only ones who flock to these sites before you can say "uprising"? Are they looking for movie plots?

2. Its some sort of a transport strike today. No buses or cabs... no college although its a cakewalk for me... the auto-rickshaws are still on the prowl. I can't say I do not like extended weekends, although I do not like strikes. So only books, movies and food are to accompany me till Monday, when college is going to join the merry list ;) OH that reminds me, this girl is going to turn up tomorrow morning for her English tuition. I always tell her to arrive between 8:20 and 8:30,but the silly creature turns up at 8!! Well, I don't mind cause I let her go 15 minutes early, but I am made to leave the pleasures of my bed earlier than I would like to ;) Well, I guess they are prices to pay when you are getting paid well ;)

So that's it for now. Purged my mind of all its lurking ghosts. Will be back sometime (soon) ;) tata

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the 15 books tag..

i get to do a brand new tag after a long time thanx to tangerine... here i have to name 15 books i loved and i cannot take more than 15 minutes to think up the titles... here i go

1. An Autobiography - Lee Iacocca (found this one extremely interesting and motivating.. its the perfect success story)
2. Gone With the Wind - Margaret Mitchell (don't think this one needs an explanation. I went on to read it thrice, and watched the movie almost every day at one point)
3. The Complete Sherlock Holmes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (this has influenced my mail IDs, Blog name etc etc)
4. The Famous Five Series - Enid Blyton (I grew up with Blyton books, and loved these best)
5. The da Vinci Code - Dan Brown (Was mesmerized after the first read, although later realized that I might have overreacted)
6. Harry Potter Series - J.K. Rowling (they won't write books like these in the next 100 years!!)
7. Tintin Collection - Herge (the lovely lovely books :) )
8. Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte (a brilliant classic.. read it in school and became a Bronte fan)
9. Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte (I simply love the Bronte sisters)
10. Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen (I made the mistake to reading Emma after this one and was extremely disappointed.. nothing parallels Pride and Prejudice)
11. The Old Man and the Sea - Ernest Hemingway (typical Hemingway - brilliant storytelling)
12. What Katy Did series - Susan Coolidge (thanx to these books, Katy became my childhood friend.. i still read parts from the books.. )
13. Uponyash Shomogro - Sharatchandra Chattopadhayay (i loved almost all the novels in this collection...)
14. Abol Tabol - Sukumar Ray (I am not much of a poetry person, but these were just awesome)
15. Gora - Rabindranath Tagore (my favourite among his novels I've read)

there you are.. am done.. in a hurry to go to college now, so I wont sit and choose 15 random people for this tag.. i tag anyone who reads this tag :D.. now if u r a reader, please be honest and go do the tag.. :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

vacation vignettes

I do not remember when I last wrote something here... I can easily check the date of course , but that's not a way to remember is that? So, after a LONG time and a few pricks and prods from certain entities (which includes a silly little voice inside my head) , I have decided to post here.. but I haven't decided what to post about. This shouldn't be the case however, because I am enjoying the break after my final sem, and I should be having plenty to say about how college has been so far and what it feels like to be a graduate (I am not one yet, but I have high hopes about this one ;) ).

College has been nice - JU is a very different place from the ones I had been to earlier with its population as diverse and colourful as the Indian nation (which a very old history pamphlet claimed). I am happy to be part of such good institutions... it has given me a weird taste for them. Hence leaving JU without securing a position on a similar pedestal will be kind of difficult. But that has been taken care of. I quite love the MA course-list :).

I shall not discuss academics in this post anymore, because my future plans are still under a state of contemplation and consideration inside my head... I shall come back to discuss them once I carry them out... Now its time to look at the rosy aspects associated with vacations-
the movies I watched at home were mostly nice (Tinkerbell, Little Mermaid and more... I personally recommend both ..and from other genres I ask you to watch The Recruit if you can. I loved it). I went to watch Angels and Demons.. and was muttering about its shortcomings to my poor friend's ear. Its a bad thing if you have read a story before watching it on screen .. its even worse if the on-screen version is a twisted version of the written one with special effects going beyond the scope of cinematic reality and sometimes even touching Bollywood-like dream-visions. I hated how they changed so much in the movie.. or maybe I'm just a more tolerant reader and a less tolerant viewer. But my friend found the movie as weird as I did, which was a consolation because he doesn't read much...
Another movie that deserves special mention is Pushpak. Brilliantly done with no dialogue and a mixture of dreams and jarring reality- I would say its one of the best among the Indian art films.

As for books, I got plenty on my birthday... This birthday also brought me a nice big pink teddy bear (courtesy maa :D) ... I have been reading Code Name God ... the start was really interesting.. then I had to toss to decide which one to start first - The Kite Runner or The God of Small Things. Started The Kite Runner yesterday and only one-third of it it is left for me to finish today. "Brilliant" is one adjective i would like to describe it with... I have never been a good book reviewer, because I feel like telling the whole story in the process. Holding back the desire to say all, while trying to convey how the book is, seems rather difficult. I shall try to sum up how I liked the books once I finish them all. That also reminds me that I have Lady Chatterley's Lover lying peacefully on my shelf. I read up a bit on the story (and of course its author ;) ) and I can't wait to begin with that either.

Enough said in one post... the vacation has been nice so far. A few more days and I shall have to get back to planning and work. And maybe I shall return to this blog sooner this time :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

summer, you have your gifts...

That's how the Kolkata sky looked at least for an hour this afternoon, and I loved it. The above pic is one of the five I clicked fast with dad's cellphone-cam.
We sure needed a lowering of temperatures... Its raining as I type this post, and my heart flutters with joy as I hear the rain land on the city streets, wetting all its dirt and muck and cooling us down... The breeze is making my hair fly all around my face, as bits of spray hit my back. It was fun to watch maa closing the windows to keep the raindrops from wetting the beds, but I opened them again. Am sure the beds would have loved to get wet too, if they were alive :)
These are the times when I feel that there's no evil in this world, everything is as beautiful and serene as the pure raindrops, and everything is as beautifully transient and repetitive as the different phases of nature...
These are the times when I don't need angry or speculative poetry...
Nature is what it is, and one just needs one's straight simple words to describe it...
I love nor'westers, they are as beautiful as anything that brings a welcome change - just like the first flowers of spring, the first warm ray after winter, or the first droplets that signal the arrival of the monsoons...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beautiful Lady...

Beautiful lady
You're just amazing !
Since I saw you the first time...
It was like I could jump into your shadow
And become a part of it...

Stuttering my way through...
Feel the melancholy around me
Take me out...
With your weapons and smiles
We don't have much time !

Little do I know you
Beyond the mirror...
You are untouchable... pure !
Let my impure hands plunge into the glass
Let the skin bleed as I go...

All that matters is getting to you
I fall... and I rise with you
Its like my life exists to make me run on and on...
Beautiful lady
you're still amazing...

P.S. wrote this while listening to Chris Brown's Forever. Have been listening to it for the last one hour. I can safely say it inspired this post.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

sweet summer

Am currently being boiled like the rest of the Kolkatans.. Summer is here, and it'll be another one and a half months before one can hope for a cooler weather... I haven't been doing much...been chilling at home mostly and working on some college projects yadda yadda. Plus there's the IPL to watch and Commandos to play and story books to read... but what's there to eat? I absolutely hate spices, and if there was no mom in the house I would probably spend the whole of summer having only liquids and ice cream. But I AM having my share nevertheless... Here are a few things I've had for the last two weeks or so.. mostly home-made

My home made concoction christened Gemelina (Its got no meaning. It just occurred to me all of a sudden while I was trying to think up sweet feminine names). :D

I added ice cream, sliced fruits and nuts (too bad mangoes haven't hit the market yet), some mango and rose syrup and tadaaaa.. it was done.

Nothing special about this. Lassi, with a dash of lemon and ice.. and the apple and the blender's base are just there for decoration... hehe..

Two-in-one of a different kind. This is plain vanilla ice cream with sliced strawberries in the middle. My grand idea :D

I didn't prepare this one for a change. Nice surprise from maa this evening. Watermelon juice, with a few drops of lemon juice, salt and sugar... and the result was YUMMY... I named it Cold Blood... :D :D

Am sure with the arrival of good mangoes, the list will grow considerably, but couldn't wait that long, so posted anyway. :) Have a great summer... and drinkalot (the right liquids that it ;) )

P.S. Think I am falling in love with food-photography :D :D

Thursday, April 2, 2009

which stream were you in again?

Back here again. Its been a while. Around one and a half months more and I'll be done with my grads. Nice !!
Gotta talk a bit about college now. Last sem has been nice so far. Class hours are very convenient for me, unlike most of the classmates, who signed up for a different optional.JUDE has been a nice place... Just remembered the day I got admitted to JU. We all were busy saying hi to each other and discussing our board exams. One girl and I were talking about our WBJEE ranks, when another young lady overheard us and let out a gasp "you people are from the Science stream???". "Yea", we said. She gave us an irritated look that seemed to convey something like "why do these people fill up the arts seats?" Afterwards I found out that quite a few people from my class have switched streams. In fact it was a mixture of people from all streams which is really good- proves that language and literature can be loved by all.

But still, why do we need to change streams? Or for that matter, why is this stream thing an issue? Have we divided the streams into absolutely isolated segments and raised walls to prevent them from coming in contact with one another? The answer is painfully close to "yes". Our school system is all wrong. Our dear old West Bengal Board, for one, has an education system where the ones with the highest marks are destined to take up science. But one has to keep in mind, that a person who has good marks in class 10 boards need not be a good science student. In fact Madhyamik or its parallel examinations are absolutely unsuitable to rely on, when you are about to choose your stream that will go on to build your career. Thus this model: "best=science, second best=commerce,last choice=arts, in +2", has to be stamped out and replaced with dividing the students into these groups: best for science, best for commerce, best for arts in school. This will ensure that a student who is really interested in literature, but loves maths too, does not end up straight jacketed in a suffocating chemistry-bio-physics setup and finally go on to study English hons. and cause the arts students to frown with irritation. I would ideally want to study English and Bangla literature, maths,physics, and biology as a light additional in my +2. But this stupid education system wont tailor your perfect courses for you. I know its unthinkable to have any such thing at the moment when one looks at the scary structure of the courses. I got absolutely NO chance to explore the spheres of literature or maths in my +2, and spent all my time trying to mug up chemistry. Thus instead of being a pleasure studying became a burden... all because of this weird system which puts in thousands of students under one category- the "science" group!! It is quite impossible to believe that all these people have the same capabilities and interests!! The very fact that people get into JUDE after two years in the "science" stream is proof that their intellect would have been better utilized in school if only we had a very different stream division and a better mixture of subjects and options instead of the rigid divisions, into science, commerce and arts, with no relation to each other whatsoever. Also, some of us are yet to come to terms with the fact that a person who loves English may equally love Maths, or Chemistry or Bengali or anything else. Thus isolating a group of subjects as one separate category only leads to the deaths of many possible bright careers and interests. Everyone cannot afford the courage to go against the tide and take up his or her area of interest. One has to have support from the education system too, but I wonder when we shall finally get to see that...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Before Sunrise: spoilers within

I planned to dedicate a nice long post to this movie by the time I was into fifteen minutes of it. I ended up doing that, but the reason for my doing so is not the same as it was during the first quarter of Before Sunrise.
I want to name the first section "The Train Episode", which is probably the most attractive part of it. The scene takes place in a train and two young co-passengers start talking. I did not feel the need to say a man and a woman here, because somehow that did not matter in the beginning... It was more like a human bonding in a dream sequence where you just happen to find a great companion in a stranger, and you know that this is where it starts and ends and there is no future to this short intercourse of thoughts...

I am not a stranger to a plot (or a lack of plot) like this, because this sudden-chemistry-among-strangers stereotype has been used in innumerable art films (and commercial films too, but that is way too intellectually inferior to include here) in many languages. To start with, it reminded me of Anthony Zimmer, which could qualify as an art-film-turned-action-bonanza. The train scene in Before Sunrise finally had to make me remember Satyajit Ray's Nayak, but that was a grave mistake. It raised my expectations and hence Before Sunrise failed to leave an impression that would render it unforgettable.

When Jesse and Celine start their casual conversation, it does seem like they are headed to some sort of an adventure, but it is quite unfortunate how the entire chemistry is diluted beyond repair by overdoing almost everything that might have helped the movie. Things are perfect till Celine decides to chuck her plans of going to Paris and spend time roaming the streets of Vienna with Jesse, because they both feel they have some sort of a "connection". Here comes the second section, which continues and eventually drags on and I cannot come up with a better name for it than "The Street Episode". This is where things start going wrong.The two kids seem almost desperate and end up talking about everything under the sun. It becomes a little too obvious that they want to pour out everything before saying goodbye the next day and even though this is a dream sequence of sorts, it is debatable whether so much personal dialogue adds anything positive to the movie. They play this question-answer game where they end up talking about their sexual experiences, the idea of love, their past... and that is not all. Throughout the rest of the film, they walk the streets like a couple of vagabonds but spoil the effect with their constant chatter about their families, what happened to their parents, their respective relationships, break-ups, how they feel about love, marriages, what they think about the position of men and women in society ...and the list goes on.The setting almost seems like a hazy backdrop behind their voices. But nevertheless, it will be unfair not to mention certain characters like the old fortune-teller, who predicts absolute nonsense and says they are stars after she is paid, or the stray poet who writes them a poem for a few bucks.These little details add to the otherwise diminishing artistic element in the movie.

I was absolutely sure that there will be a kissing scene once I figured out that this movie is not going to make it as a complete intellectual tonic, where the viewer is mostly left with the authority to decide if the characters need to get physical or not. So a kissing scene there was.. followed by some more, and eventually they started walking hand in hand.I am not complaining. In fact, this would have helped a huge lot if the French girl and the American boy had chosen to speak a little less about their personal histories and kept it to gestures and some aesthetic physical communication. The movie concludes like you would expect it to, where the writer-director conjures this haze of uncertainty.Jesse and Celine have to part ways, their day of adventure is over, and yet in a few hours time they have discovered a connection at a very deep level via certain conversations, exchange of ideas and kisses.The story is neither here nor there.It is not a totally-idiotic-but-entertaining story about two strangers who get hitched in two hours and get married,and it is not an artistic-and-thought-provoking account of two strangers who meet, connect, understand each other but reject the idea of taking it any further to keep the sweet memory alive.

Before Sunrise is definitely not a waste of time. You feel that sense of painful pleasure in the end and get that romantic feeling too. But my point is, it is all very overcooked.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ken and Tin : More nursery rhymes :P

I wonder where to start
Lemme begin from the scratch
The poem was conceived
Now lets just watch it hatch

I love those Gtalk chats
With loonies mad like me
It was good Indro this time
Who set my humour free

"Rabbits" he had said
"Or hedgehogs are so fine"
And I hardly could wait to use
The wacky sense of mine

I always wanted a pet
But my mamma hated dogs
My papa hated cats
But we all loved cute hedgehogs

We bought a 'hog named Ken
He ate and lazed all day!!
He refused to move or walk
His red spikes turned to grey!!

I had stopped right there,
But the boy was so impressed
"Write more" he said, so I
Tried to do my best...

Once we had a rabbit
With dirty grey-ish skin
I must have been crazy
'Coz I had named him Tin

He was a total pest
He ran around the house
Thought himself a cat
And once he caught a mouse!!

But it wasn't long before
The house almost came down
"Ken and Tin have to go"
Mamma said with a frown.

I have no pets at my place
As they were sent away
But I have this mad rhyme
For now that makes my day!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

8th march...( lack of post headings).. :P

Time for updates. There is seriously NO topic to discuss about. The world is at a scary standstill when I look at it with my sleepy eyes.

There was a time when I was seriously interested in cricket and made it a point to watch every match we played. Now I just visit cricinfo and sometimes forget that too. Wondering why I suddenly brought the subject of cricket up? Well just like that... I am NOT going to write about the Pakistan mishap (sigh).

My father switches on the TV on Sunday mornings and today every channel was screaming about Women's Day!! So now I know 8th March is Women's Day and I shall remember it for another two days maybe. A friend had planned to send an elaborate text but thankfully he fell asleep before doing so. It saved me from the pains of having to think up an appropriate reply... "thank you", "how nice of you", "thanks for not being a chauvinist","thanks for remembering the day assuming you didn't get to know about it the way I did" and "sorry I shall never get to wish you a Happy Men's Day in return". And yes, I am NOT discussing the merits and demerits of Women's Day here. Or am I?

And ... my house is being painted... its a scary experience but once things are rearranged properly again I think it'll be nice. You can see a bit of the thing in the blog header... but don't freak out, the wild orange covers less than 30 percent of the walls... :) and I love the orange (which is weird).

Gotta go now. Have a long break ahead. May come back with something interesting by holi.. ;)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hullabaloo… R...S...T...U…V DAY!!!

Thought I would abstain from this topic once and for all. But no... You need something to write about if your blog has been lying around barren and you are not interested in (euphemism for “ignorant about”) other important aspects going on in the world.

Not going into the hype that the audio and visual media indulge in… lets delve a little deep(er) into the actual thing involving this day that is usually interjected by romantic spasms. Am not sure about where it came from (dad recommended some freak article which claimed some sort of a Gujarat connection. :D :D I haven’t read that... trust me... I just know the headline bit). I personally did not know about its existence till I had pretty much completed a huge chunk of high school and the revelation came like a messiah through… alas... the visual media (there’s no escaping it). But the revelation hardly mattered… I had no boyfriend, no time, no money and I found the idea highly exotic. Plus the closest I had gotten to those pink hearts floating around was buying and eating a whole packet of little hearts… (Yummy :P)

Phase two involved the revelation that we too had our own V day. This idea is even more exotic my friends… no wonder we are all prone to feeling romantic and messing up exams as a consequence… we go around lovemaking(I mean premming, if you know the word ;)) on Saraswati Pujo after neatly tucking the books away under the idol’s feet. My Saraswati Pujos have been highly bland in this regard. I have dressed up like an idiot in the morning and done a mock pujo since time immemorial...then I have usually gone back to the routine lethargy involving food and a movie or two in the blissful company of solitude. Never been out in a yellow saree holding the hand of my dada (wink wink) and checking out the paras… I have missed out on a lot of Bengalee flavours.

The latest trends have been to bash the concept of V day. Certain people repeat and re-repeat and re-re-repeat that we should love all year, all month, and all day… (Blah blah blah)… instead of singling out 14th Feb as the day to love. But let us chuck such stupid claims. By that logic, we need no father’s day, mother’s day and god-knows-what day (and the feminists will rightfully scream that we need no separate women’s day, and I shall add on to the volume). But honestly, tell me what’s wrong with it?? (yes, you guessed it right, now I have the boyfriend, the time and the money, and if I didn’t, I would still be having the little hearts, but that’s not the point !!!). We should love 24*7, sure. And we may choose to stay Bengalee and go out in those uncomfortable yellow attires of our own lovey dovey winter mornings… But nothing beats celebrating V day if you want to… its just an excuse to go out and chill… gifts don’t constitute a necessity, but honestly, chocolates and other stuff that come straight from the heart seldom go to waste :P

Now to get a bit personal… I had a great time this year… I got surprised, scared (heh heh.. and I asked for this part), and most importantly, I returned happy. Let us make things clearer. Ever made someone stay up the night and paint a picture for you without asking him or her to?? :P maybe you did, maybe you didn’t… but whatever, V Day is not quite the tacky mushy things you see on TV… its quite different if you were to go out for the sake of being together instead of celebrating it like some routine romance-ritual. :D

Thursday, February 5, 2009

everytime i am drenched with so much mush...

Everytime - A1 Music Code

I love mushy tracks...I have been a religious follower of BSB, MLTR, Westlife blah blah.. the latest discovery happens to be A1. but this song absolutely takes the cake, or maybe I'm just in the mood for making mischief today. so I ask you to check the lyrics out.. especially the chorus part..

Everytime I kiss I feel your lips and
Everytime I cry I see your smile and
Everytime I close my eyes I realise that
Everytime I hold your hand in mine
The sweetest thing my heart could ever find
And I have never felt this way
Since the day I gave your love away

Isn't it just wonderful??? Means a lot... Without going into deep underlying metaphors, if any, this is what it brought to my mind...

Everytime I kiss I feel your lips (isn't that the thing you are supposed to feel when you kiss??? or maybe.. he meant he feels "your" lips no matter who he kisses.. hahahaha)
Everytime I cry I see your smile (this is truly scary... the "you" in question is a sadist, who smiles when her lover cries... "hahahaha.. crybaby...hahahaha")
Everytime I close my eyes I realise that
Everytime I hold your hand in mine
The sweetest thing my heart could ever find (had to read and re-read to figure this thing out... the guy has to close his eyes to realize that when he holds her hands, its the sweetest thing his heart could ever find... uh.. okk... so, he rests the optic nerves to make his skin receptors work, which , in turn, awakens his cardiac impulses.. amazin' anatomy)
And I have never felt this way (trust me.. neither have I.. this part I fully understand)
Since the day I gave your love away (this is the ultimate tragedy... the love should never have been given away.. or did he do that because she laughed while he cried??? and.. WHO did he give it to? I want to hear them sing next)

:P Nevertheless, the song is sweet...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

stories from last week

I blog again... some people will kill me if I don’t... OK replace "some people" with "solo".

I have absolutely no clue what to write about, or lets say there are so many things to write about that I don't know where to start, or how to end it once I get started...

Academics-wise, there is not much to say... except the fact that I am supposed to be acting in a play and composing for it. But work doesn't begin till 27th... of January?? (Hahaha...Hopefully)

I had a good mind to write about A Brief History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson, which is an absolute gem of a book (or who is an absolute gem of an author...Sheesh... pardon the grammatical errors if any). However, there is no point, or so I think now, because if I were to write about it, I would have to comment on each and every page, and provide brilliant spoilers along the way... so if you care about reading, go grab it.

The latest movie updates have been more interesting. A very industrious friend has been nice enough to give me certain absolute blasts in the name of movies and I loved the ones I have watched so far. Borat was funny. Period. I was more amused and less grossed out though I was both, pretty much.
The latest sensation that's grabbing the nation turned out to be like another H(B)ollywood happy-tale... shown in a different way. The technique did whatever it could to cause the sensation I was talking about. Otherwise it is just another piece of forget-their-names. Slumdog Millionaire wasn't a waste of time. It might have been a waste of enthusiasm, but it was good. And I am not being sarcastic here. It was a set of brilliantly presented lies, and that's what we want to watch on screen really. There is too much reality around us. We don't need to pay for more of it.

As for the sundry updates, I have no girly-beauty-regime-tale to tell you... unless you are interested in my new clothes, which I myself have forgotten about ever since I dunked them somewhere inside the closet or under the bed. French classes have been fun so far. The teacher knows French and some English and loads of Bangla. And it’s all tres bien!!! That’s "very good" by the way, or so I have been taught.

And as for future plans, I have to wake up by tomorrow evening and enjoy the last day of this long break... so it won’t be a manic Monday for a change. Anyway, that's enough for now; I shall be back once I find something that interests me in bashing or praising it. Till then, take care. :)