Wednesday, September 23, 2009

time schemes in the city

It's midnight
in my room
Yet i don't feel alone

You're sleeping
Is it midnight too there?

I'm dying to tell you
the things that i forgot
You smile in your sleep
like you know I'm there

I hear your breathing
yet you do not wake
My loud and sharp voices
could wake you by mistake

It's morning
I just need to call

You're waking
Is it morning there at all?

I see you typing
those blurred lines that pay
I'm trying to tell you
please start my new day

It's twilight
here and there
Tell me its the same

I'm going to tell you
to play our little game
You look at me arms open
Your eyes close with mine

You're sleeping
with me
The time seems divine

I breathe slow
and deeper
Nothing breaks the spell

We're breathing
Through heaven and through hell

It's daytime
in our room
We both can see the rays

I'm holding
you closer
The room is ablaze

I'm trying to find out
what I left unsaid
The light is shining like gold
Proving nothing's been untold.


arJun said...

phew!!! that ws NICE!! :) gotta say ur poetic prowess is growin by d day! hope 2 earn loads by publishin ur stuff some day! :P

this blog does need a bit more of ur kind keep posting :)

will avoid pda n hold my reactions bk 4 our blog ;)

Riya Das said...

:D will thank u for the comment in our blog as well.. and yeah, I'm giving all my attention to this one until u bless our blog with a post...

so long... nah no pda :P

ananya chatterjee said...

naiceeeeeeeee.... :)

Indrajit Dutta said...

Beautifully wound.Real balmy also.Like all the verses, more so the third verse.You can set a tune to the piece.

Jadis said...


-blinks again-

was that Riya? yes, that same riya??

This is so different. and so brilliant!

Riya Das said...

ananya: thanx a lot honey

indra: glad u liked it buddy.. saved ur new number and sent a reply too.. didya get it? d delivery report didnt reach me

pria: thnx a bunch :) yes that was me... :) and things like these are better when they are rare, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

and why this long silence on the blog!?

Riya Das said...

:D was expecting this comment.. will do will do :D

subhaluxmi said...

hey...write something mommy to be who has lots of time on her these days keeps coming back for some good read...just told that my baby can hear now, and poetry and music can contribute to good math skills. ya, bizarre but read somewhere...hope i havent passed on my bad math genes, trying to compensate by poetry...cheers!

Riya Das said...

:D haha.. yes yes.. i shall write soon. been very lazy for the last one month. but my class tests end today and i don't have any more excuses to stay off my blog :P i shall help lil' kiddo with his/her math skills soon ;)
thanx a bunch for commenting.