Thursday, May 26, 2011

dark circle

As the bones broke
I got my diamond tooth

As the marks gleamed fresh on skin
I got the foreign-currency marked set

I prayed with boiling blood
For some boiling spit to drown the darkness

Now I keep my hands in check
As break bones with my mouth

Cut his skin in gashes with words
And then say "hit me!"

Hit me with what?
What do you have with you really?

Then ignorance hits with its cool waves
And I dish out goodies

Buy my glib tongue baby!
Buy my voice? My sugared apology?

He buys and I smile
"I have bought some forced kisses! Yay!"

We both buy till I look
I see him with the tooth and the set

But he bleeds just the same
And I see I have sold nothing at all

I got to stop trying to sell and buy
The spit glistens close by as my past self prays.