Friday, July 24, 2009

indoor and outdoor peeks

Its been a while. I have had many subjects to write about, but I let go of them one by one and right now I am left with the ghosts of all of them lurking in my mind..

Personal issues that deserved some attention were long forgotten.. but I shall not let them disappear this way so here they are

1. A voter ID - something I should have owned 4 years back. I am 22 and still without one. Thankfully I have the relics of my birth certificate and other stupid IDs here and there that helped me open a bank account. One of these days I may have to hop to the nearest municipal whatever and beg the extremely (un)helpful officials to tell me when when when they are taking down new names. I may ask my parents to go too, but they may say I am 22 and should learn how to get my own jobs done without help. :P

2. My house - I love my house though it could have done with a tiny balcony and an elevator (I am perched on the 4th floor for god's sake. But yeah, taking the stairs helps burn the extra fat I acquire from my daily dose of payesh :P It will continue helping Maa burn hers till her last day :P). Other pressing problems include the alien people (with due respect to travellers and tourists) who live on our first floor. The first floor doesn't exactly belong to me, but then again, isn't it a custom to let the other people of your apartment know before you are letting your flat out as a PG? These weirdos have rented the first floor god knows according to what law, cause I know for a fact that the government has nothing to do with it. Outsiders using the terrace and staircase and corridors sure irritate me big time. But nothing doing here as well. I gotta remember I have my flat all to myself.. mwahaha

3. A piece of good news now. I graduated with a first class and have joined MA classes in the same lovely University. Life rocks. :)

4. My PC and I - Ice Age3, The Pink Panther2, Taken, The boy in the Striped Pyjamas and a few more... I LOVE movies and I LOVE my supplier ;)
I should have elaborated on the movies, but that'll require a new post.

Now the outdoor scenario...
1. the Intellectual problem - A few days (or fortnights) back, this group of intellectuals visited some rural area in West Bengal where there was some political unrest etc etc (I WONT be your umpteenth newspaper. So, for details, hunt down your old newspaper archives :P). Now a friend of my dad's turned up and the two men happily debated whether it is right to call them intellectuals. Being men from a strong academic background they absolutely hated the word when it was applied to the likes of college dropouts who have appeared in a few films or amateur directors. I kind of agree. Some artists ARE intellectuals. But surely they cannot represent the entire intellectual community by themselves. Where are the professors and the doctors and the engineers and the entrepreneurs? And why is it that only people from the film and drama world are the only ones who flock to these sites before you can say "uprising"? Are they looking for movie plots?

2. Its some sort of a transport strike today. No buses or cabs... no college although its a cakewalk for me... the auto-rickshaws are still on the prowl. I can't say I do not like extended weekends, although I do not like strikes. So only books, movies and food are to accompany me till Monday, when college is going to join the merry list ;) OH that reminds me, this girl is going to turn up tomorrow morning for her English tuition. I always tell her to arrive between 8:20 and 8:30,but the silly creature turns up at 8!! Well, I don't mind cause I let her go 15 minutes early, but I am made to leave the pleasures of my bed earlier than I would like to ;) Well, I guess they are prices to pay when you are getting paid well ;)

So that's it for now. Purged my mind of all its lurking ghosts. Will be back sometime (soon) ;) tata


Yogesh said...

happy transport strike...

tke cre
b well..

Jadis said...

indoor outdoor omnidoor: pria's gonna visit and austin powers's gonna run. :D

-rolls around laughing-

arJun... said...

get ur id done quickly girl!! coz once u get outta town it's gonna b f*ckin difficult 2 get hold of 1..

xtra fat?!! hvnt quite seen any!!.. till nw dat is :P

guys' pg in front!! i got d same bloody problem! God knows y d ppl ddnt rent it out 2 chicks ;)!!

won't comment on our band of "intellectuals" coz they are more of cadres of a certain political party than artistes..

P.S. Feels nyc to have found a little mention in ur blog :)

Riya Das said...

@yogesh: thnx for the comment and welcome to rdsherlock :)

@pria: kobe ashbi tui??? :x it better be this week or else... ;)

@arJun: nice comment :) the xtra fat part made me extra happy ;)
P.S. hmm you have a chance to feature in my posts more than anyone else does

Tangerine said...

yikes! this reminds me... i need a voter ID too!!!

Riya Das said...

gees tang.. ur comment served as a wake up call.. this blog has been lying around dead for a while.. gotta post soon.

Akash said...

Whoa!!!!! Came across your blog today only..Cool style of writin..

Riya Das said...

thnx :) and welcome to rdsherlock

Akash said...

old bottle...tremendous way to vent

Riya Das said...

thnx for the 2nd comment :) grt "follow" up ;)