Saturday, October 27, 2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A break from poetic illusions

Gees this is one of the innumerable times I feel like laughing silently looking at the things I so nicely devised. Wannabe style too :D giggles. Not very intentionally though. It just came out that way...and it will in future. Am not scared as long as I can laugh at them later. I am greatly indebted to the people who very sweetly remind me that life is not about these reflections or dreams so nicely spelt out from this cozy room of mine. And I have not turned serious like some who have delved so deep in the world of rich reflections that they cannot come back to the simple world of sleep and work. This is right out of my heart like a sigh that escapes you when you do not have any more words except for that look in your eyes which says "gimme a break man!".:D

Many a times have I pretended to be this mature young lady who writes..(gees I almost cut the branch I am sitting on :P)... And at the end of the day when I looked at it all while having my lovely dinner of chicken stew, I have admired each and every line ,the ideas, the sheer art that flew out of my brain(be it good or otherwise). But at the same time I never felt that i actually believe in them beyond certain limits...those reflections are NOT what my life is made of....and I laugh :D ...I laugh at the way pretensions sell and even the person who is pretending actually ends up buying it all. Well,not me :D I will take myself to a doctor the day i start believing something like "..the bright lights are few,may the brightest one be you"..though I find the lines really beautiful( I WROTE THEM MAN! :D) I mean my life is so much simpler than what the poems portray ..only that simplicity does not seem attractive every time... I feel this post is really necessary.Because I am not the poet lost in the dreams i created. Dreams and reflections are just what they are called and nothing more or less...and the dreams i really live in are more material in nature :D I needed to announce that before anyone thought I am some kind of a dreamer or "fighter"( god knows what there is to fight when one lives the way I do).
Before I conclude, I am going to thank a certain friend of mine who made me happy by saying he knows which part is pretension even though the expressions may be nice. :D Thanks Souvik for that one :) And to those people who strongly object to what i have said: this is entirely about me and my feelings...i respect our differences :)
And now i need to go...
this post has been flat and frank throughout...
..the brights lights are few
may the brightest one be you.

mom , bring on the stew! :D

The Alter Ego That Never Was

The girl i love looks at me,
Beckons through the liquid that separates us,
The beats grow louder,
And i hear our blood rush.

I am not so good with rhymes,
The goddess will forgive me,
But she is not my concern,
She is not the one i see.

Oh! her pale skin and glowing eyes!
She looks like a ghost,
Still i confuse her with you,
...The female i love the most.

I dipped my finger in the lake,
And felt it go through your skin,
Wish I could be raw and red,
And not the stranger in between.

The liquid reflects you on me,
Like i am your image,
Super impositions excite you,
But I feel cold rage.

oh goddess,girl and me,
We are but one.
Or so they say...
But I am none.

I am not the fair almighty,
Nor you, pretty damsel.
Am i me?
I am sure i can tell...

But no! let it be,
I am no one when he looks at me,
You detest my glee,
When he lets me be.

Girl i love you,
I give in to your wish,
You want his love,
From the ruby dish.

For him i unite,
With myself i so dearly care,
Then i become one,
My hands touch his hands bare.

Cutting out the pieces,
That i don't want to tie,
I go with him happily,
As i watch you blissfully die.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You Are 54% Independent

Overall, you're a pretty independent woman. You don't follow trends just to fit in.

You've got your own cool thing going on, though you sometimes still care too much about what other's think.

Are You an Independent Woman?

and its only 54% because i said i dont like to go to restaurants and movies alone :D giggles.thats not being independent..thats being a loner!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Toys

The toys lie strewn about the house;
And i still am madly possessive about them !
The day you took away my teddy bear,
I screamed till you put it back.
And then next day...
I tore out its eye and made a hole in its heart
With your needle that you left lying around !
The day you bought me the plastic letters,
I wrote my first words.
And perhaps you were proud...
Though i see no reason why you should have been !
And then the talking doll,
The train that you barely let me touch...
Its still there...waiting to be broken
By my tiny fist that holds the pen now !
The blocks...the colors...
The heaps of joy...
That still make me go through the tonnes of debris
That lie packed neatly
In the depths of the box and my heart,
Waiting to be touched and fondled again.
And they are not waiting in vain,
Because I still am madly possessive about them.

Monday, October 22, 2007


In the silence of the evening,
I heard your promises.
The air was thick and still;
And you were curt in your kisses !
I spelt out my worries
that the rest so easily dismisses,
And you laughed it off too.
It strengthened my wishes.
So I say that I will....
I have been trying to kill
the grey mist beyond the grill.
Am clutching the past that's new.
The bright lights are few.
May the brightest one be you.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


sometimes i wish i had a life minus d internet and my cellphone...easy access makes me anxious..makes me peep in my virual spaces to check scraps and mails every hour or so...makes me peep into my cellphone screen every minute for that reply that is taking time to the end of the day its like "gimme a break...lemme breathe"...anyways...i think i am back here...i am talking about keeping my blog active..lets see what i come up with..
this has been a nice as well as lousy puja...the sort that leaves a bittersweet taste in ur mouth...u love it..and yet u wonder whether it might have been much for back to getting a life outside d internet now....deep breaths

Sunday, October 7, 2007

for once i thought i had escaped MCQs
come to think of it,they are really powerful
i mean what else would make me mess up my pretty poetic blog with a stray comment like this? hmph.
good luck fellas