Monday, December 28, 2009

careless defragmentation

like i know or care
its just there
and one tiny click ought to make it die
but why
why deny
or why call it mine
(yeah rhyme it with 'divine'
like you always do)

just ought to sit
and work at the goal
spin out of control
which way?
(you say, you said and you will keep on saying)
the days keep on going
no history
(no comments?
i said no)

well, yes
the formalities
social jollities
ice lollies
(i am a baby
i'll eat 'em of course)
the world aint so hoarse

it is smooth
so smooth
just geographical places
races, faces, caresses?
and braces)
all set
don't forgive but forget

years and years
miscalculated fears
(think of yourself, you silly goose)
let loose
loose what?
lose what?
(not mine not mine
definitely not divine)

abrupt ends aren't fine
but they ought to be revealing
(no concealing
you love yourself too much)
i love you in the mirror
deflowered history

(i oughtta read... read more learn more)
you are such a bore
(history, a whore?)
just like before
know and not care
if you dare
(no i have thrown it bare)

its larger than you think
tiny places stink
drink? think? wink?
(bleh! find a proper link)
i just forgot...
(rhyme it with a steady trot..
a lively little blink)
we shall not sink.