Monday, March 8, 2010

certain surprises; i finally woke up

1. I had, sometime in the remote past, singed up for this poster-making competition on a whim. Someone just told me its tomorrow (whaaaatt? oh okay. whatever!). I am guessing its about certain gender-issues, keeping Women's Day in mind. As far as I am concerned, today was Oscar day. I watched a bit of it in the morning and slept through the rest. Now, I can only hope some brilliantly original idea will hit me tomorrow when I start messing up the chart paper (er, making the poster).

2. "Hey! surprise me! tell me something about myself that you have kept to yourself for so long. and send this to 10 people to know secrets about yourself!" I just typed out a text I received thrice today, from three of my wonderful friends. They think I know stuff about them that I nourish in the deepest corners of my heart and will, on this auspicious day, reveal those to them (oh how sweet)! But nothing about 10 years of bad luck if I do not do as asked. So there were three heartbreaking deletions, followed by a feeling of slight regret - maybe they know something about me. I'll never get to know the secrets (ahh what the hell!).

3. I am done and over with sitcoms for the time being. The rightfully hyped and rightly rated Friends was really good. But it came as an overdose. Thus I am going nowhere near the likes of Zee Cafe these days. And those who have not sampled Diff'rent Strokes, do try it out. I can still watch it during my no-sitcoms phase (hopefully).

4. I had this sudden umpteenth realization that to get myself up and working, I need a to-do list. Then I realized that things were so cluttered, I will need a to-do list about the to-do list. So, bacisally, I need to note down the way I'll note down the things I'll have to do. I did a bit of that today, and did it surprisingly well! Why I need such extensive planning can be better explained by the fact that my initial single to-do list would have started with "send the important mail by Monday" and ended with "scratch your bum when it itches, as long as no one is around" ( YES YES I love to plan. Planning is good, at all levels).

5. The last one is about maa. She got pickpocketed (pickhandbagged, to be precise) for the first time in her life this morning in a very busy railway station. She had three major problems -
i> this NEVER happened to her before. how could it happen now?
ii> Howrah does not have a proper security system.
iii> she remembers to have been surrounded by women! a woman pickpocket!!! chee chee

I had my answers to all three, but they did not calm her much, unfortunately.
i> enjoy your first time! its an experience
ii> I had my purse stolen in a stupid and NOT crowded Jadavpur mini(bus). Howrah is a more dignified spot for such experiences. At least people don't blame your carelessness entirely.
iii> now now maa! Do not be such a sexist. kudos to the pocketmaar-ni (like chakrani, and jomadarni) Forgive her. Its Women's Day after all. It would have been a shame to be cheated by a man on this day, isn't it?