Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beautiful Lady...

Beautiful lady
You're just amazing !
Since I saw you the first time...
It was like I could jump into your shadow
And become a part of it...

Stuttering my way through...
Feel the melancholy around me
Take me out...
With your weapons and smiles
We don't have much time !

Little do I know you
Beyond the mirror...
You are untouchable... pure !
Let my impure hands plunge into the glass
Let the skin bleed as I go...

All that matters is getting to you
I fall... and I rise with you
Its like my life exists to make me run on and on...
Beautiful lady
you're still amazing...

P.S. wrote this while listening to Chris Brown's Forever. Have been listening to it for the last one hour. I can safely say it inspired this post.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

sweet summer

Am currently being boiled like the rest of the Kolkatans.. Summer is here, and it'll be another one and a half months before one can hope for a cooler weather... I haven't been doing much...been chilling at home mostly and working on some college projects yadda yadda. Plus there's the IPL to watch and Commandos to play and story books to read... but what's there to eat? I absolutely hate spices, and if there was no mom in the house I would probably spend the whole of summer having only liquids and ice cream. But I AM having my share nevertheless... Here are a few things I've had for the last two weeks or so.. mostly home-made

My home made concoction christened Gemelina (Its got no meaning. It just occurred to me all of a sudden while I was trying to think up sweet feminine names). :D

I added ice cream, sliced fruits and nuts (too bad mangoes haven't hit the market yet), some mango and rose syrup and tadaaaa.. it was done.

Nothing special about this. Lassi, with a dash of lemon and ice.. and the apple and the blender's base are just there for decoration... hehe..

Two-in-one of a different kind. This is plain vanilla ice cream with sliced strawberries in the middle. My grand idea :D

I didn't prepare this one for a change. Nice surprise from maa this evening. Watermelon juice, with a few drops of lemon juice, salt and sugar... and the result was YUMMY... I named it Cold Blood... :D :D

Am sure with the arrival of good mangoes, the list will grow considerably, but couldn't wait that long, so posted anyway. :) Have a great summer... and drinkalot (the right liquids that it ;) )

P.S. Think I am falling in love with food-photography :D :D

Thursday, April 2, 2009

which stream were you in again?

Back here again. Its been a while. Around one and a half months more and I'll be done with my grads. Nice !!
Gotta talk a bit about college now. Last sem has been nice so far. Class hours are very convenient for me, unlike most of the classmates, who signed up for a different optional.JUDE has been a nice place... Just remembered the day I got admitted to JU. We all were busy saying hi to each other and discussing our board exams. One girl and I were talking about our WBJEE ranks, when another young lady overheard us and let out a gasp "you people are from the Science stream???". "Yea", we said. She gave us an irritated look that seemed to convey something like "why do these people fill up the arts seats?" Afterwards I found out that quite a few people from my class have switched streams. In fact it was a mixture of people from all streams which is really good- proves that language and literature can be loved by all.

But still, why do we need to change streams? Or for that matter, why is this stream thing an issue? Have we divided the streams into absolutely isolated segments and raised walls to prevent them from coming in contact with one another? The answer is painfully close to "yes". Our school system is all wrong. Our dear old West Bengal Board, for one, has an education system where the ones with the highest marks are destined to take up science. But one has to keep in mind, that a person who has good marks in class 10 boards need not be a good science student. In fact Madhyamik or its parallel examinations are absolutely unsuitable to rely on, when you are about to choose your stream that will go on to build your career. Thus this model: "best=science, second best=commerce,last choice=arts, in +2", has to be stamped out and replaced with dividing the students into these groups: best for science, best for commerce, best for arts in school. This will ensure that a student who is really interested in literature, but loves maths too, does not end up straight jacketed in a suffocating chemistry-bio-physics setup and finally go on to study English hons. and cause the arts students to frown with irritation. I would ideally want to study English and Bangla literature, maths,physics, and biology as a light additional in my +2. But this stupid education system wont tailor your perfect courses for you. I know its unthinkable to have any such thing at the moment when one looks at the scary structure of the courses. I got absolutely NO chance to explore the spheres of literature or maths in my +2, and spent all my time trying to mug up chemistry. Thus instead of being a pleasure studying became a burden... all because of this weird system which puts in thousands of students under one category- the "science" group!! It is quite impossible to believe that all these people have the same capabilities and interests!! The very fact that people get into JUDE after two years in the "science" stream is proof that their intellect would have been better utilized in school if only we had a very different stream division and a better mixture of subjects and options instead of the rigid divisions, into science, commerce and arts, with no relation to each other whatsoever. Also, some of us are yet to come to terms with the fact that a person who loves English may equally love Maths, or Chemistry or Bengali or anything else. Thus isolating a group of subjects as one separate category only leads to the deaths of many possible bright careers and interests. Everyone cannot afford the courage to go against the tide and take up his or her area of interest. One has to have support from the education system too, but I wonder when we shall finally get to see that...