Sunday, October 17, 2010

If you let me live
You will let me thrive
On your bounties
Like you let the meanest smile

You burnt and saved
As the empty years passed
Through the tunnel
You allow the meanest to pass

I refused to be humbled
Unless I fell
Yet you answered me well
When like the meanest I cried

Why do I think so hard?
When I see you shred
The best pictures
You let us meanest paint?

Mine is not done
And yet you let me hope
To leave things behind
Like you let the meanest do

My mean heart aches
As it takes in
Your little whims
My mean lowness weeps and prays

Maybe you break canvases
Yet I hope you only erase
Misguide me to good
Like the very meanest ones there

Stable soil stands
Like a mirage on real sands
Let the sand win
So we mean beings stay put

You have let me live
And you will let me thrive
With your bounties
On a complete canvas as I stoop