Friday, February 25, 2011


The words went from bad to worse,
So let me bring in some mush
To cover up the counted minutes
And then go back to work...

What work is that?
The decadence is your work?
But they sleep, or they earn their brain's worth...

But I don't want to cross that stupid door
To go and waste some time out there
It's not the same here; it's so much better

You know they do what they do...
Time ticks away as they huddle
With their ill-seasoned spice bundles

I have not enough time with me
And you want some of that?
Is your home more cluttered than mine: that's a shame

Okay we lack our private little corners.
We have ghosts lurking down our spines.
Our history scares us out together; you mind?

I will not answer anymore.
I wish you heal and return.
Smiling, I'll lie in my prosperity.

I can hear the music, I can read and see the films
As my mind speaks to me about a thousand dreams
The mush stays where it should...
And love swoops down from hearts, old and good.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To edit, or not to edit, that is not the question ... / : / !

I have already let a month of 2011 pass. I shudder to think that my blog is probably listed as "dead" now, but the novelty about a blog is that you can pull it out of its grave in a jiffy.
Since I am learning editing now, every unnecessary punctuation bugs me and I have had to say goodbye to my once-favourite ellipsis which I inserted here and there... it's not a favourite anymore i guess.
Saraswati Pujo allowed me to have this free day, which I spent as it should be spent - without doing anything. I figured I do much throughout the week anyway: attend college, read a bit, attend the illuminating classes on editing and publishing, watch TV, spend some time on the phone and stuff like that.

but honestly, this editing-my-blog-while-i-write-in-it is a menace. it hinders the flow. and now i know why authors need editors. it would murder their thoughts if they had to edit while they wrote :P and where would my blog be without smileys? so yea, what was i talking about?
this year i did not have to make a fresh idol coz we used the collage i made last year, and that made the 'pujo' a little less fun for me. but never mind that. (the comma before this 'and' is NOT an oxford comma or so i believe :P)
...i am running out of topics because i just noticed the freaky ellipsis at the start of this sentence which bungled my thoughts at 'i am'.
so, what's my next course of action? it is to notice that last month i would have probably left 'what's' at 'whats' and happily gone on to the next thing...

OK :P I need to write first and edit later - thereby wasting some time, but I guess i can afford it today!
The shutterbug that used to bite me every hour at one point of time has matured considerably. So I do not click random roads anymore. But I still do it with flowers - random flowers I mean. Among the new things that happened in the last few months would be a minute-long speech I had to listen to by a pretty little girl working for an entertainment company who said how the industry led her to "newfy" her ideas about offices. That certainly renewed (sorry, newfied) my ideas about pretty little girls who have nice jobs, but let me not go into that.

College: it is a place I can never stop calling awesome, so let me not repeat those sweet little anecdotes about it either.
Life at home: it is good; actually better because now I have the perfect amount of free time instead of the scary presence of too many hours and too many plans that were never fitted into the hours. So, like I said before in my rigorously edited paragraph somewhere above, free time lets me be absolutely free these days, and that's incredible.
To think that a few more months will conclude my life in JU is not sad; it is plain strange. It wasn't even close to being strange or sad when I left SPHS, even though I have had some great time there, which probably exceeds the time in JU. I cannot explain it, and I will not explain it even if I could.

dragging this topicless, edited/un-edited post is pointless. i could have talked about cricket i suppose, with all the big tournaments looming ahead. i could have talked about what i am planning to do after JU says farewell (nay, i couldn't have :P) and i could have dropped this charade about editing my blog to give this post some other perspective :P but it's good to have one quirky post or two, innit? reading a text and trying to catch the errors in it red-handed is major fun! i tried it, i loved it! now, is it more fun than resting your faith on the book and just reading? yes and no. i just have to learn when to do which, and till then, its a bit of both. yay for the loss of faith in those horribly translated books, those great books with a single error on page 208 et al. life is going to be good at least till May. and i gotta sign off now... cya on the other side of the thought process, where things don't get mixed. ;)