Monday, May 28, 2007

talk dirty? :D

dirty dirty..
like grime on d windowsill
layers of dust on d floor
ask me to tok dirty
and i will tell u more
d filth in d room
the dirty wooden chair....
the unwashed dirty clothes
and my dirty oily hair..
dirty littl corners
wth dirty minded freaks
treat d dirty fellas
wth dirty littl tricks

Saturday, May 19, 2007

laughing stock

there i go again
..talking about art....
its a virtue...
that many do not behold..
and them i wanna hurt...
yes...shallow as they are
they wont get that either
they would nod and frown
as i look down
upon their clean heads
devoid of all the head contains !
kudos to the old wise soul
that keeps it going
keeping the senses shut
to the snide reflections. you even understand?
whatever i say...
does this mean anything to you..
i will not expect it to..
and there you are..
nodding away again
as i cant help but dryly laugh
at you...
why can i see right through your shallow substance?
you don't even see what
keeps the world going..
you just see glittering paychecks
and blind yearnings
for the golden snowflakes
but that is the place
where you go senile
where it cuts reality like a knife...
tell me wise people..
did you ever have a life?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gold ... for you

gold are the lustrous soul
you make me lose control
when you shine through the diamond pieces

your pale glistering spirits rose
and entered me like the sweetest doze
bringing alive all my wishes

you dont glister you just shine
gold, your yel
low light is only mine
served in the emerald and ruby dishes.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

back to myself..for ever!

After so much time,
its finally bliss.
Life flew back at me
and gave me a kiss!
I looked at the eyes,
they talked of love and care.
The sweet serene smile,
that makes you dare
to show yourself...
to join in the heart.
It is flowing within,
it is a beautiful start,
people comment,
all of them... young and old.
They may read it as weird,
or maybe too bold.
But i am resting assured,
because they hardly can see,
in between the lines,
the real picture of me!
I am smiling for once,
I am smiling truly,
far away from the norms,
that seem unruly.
I had lost myself then...
I am lost still!
But this is one fall
on my own free will.
Getting lost in the warmth
was something so new...
like a warm blue lake,
where my passions brew.
I look before me,
I see myself tall...
I didnt know one rises
after this fall!
I am glad i fell...
I am happy it worked...
I met the little corners,
where this blissful heart lurked.
I will hold on to this life.
Whatever it lacks,
is so small compared to
this eternal climax!

Saturday, May 12, 2007


shadows..... done in paintbrush

Saturday, May 5, 2007


caught within the black and white mirror
she strives to find the colours
there is no red
there is no grey
extremes greet her as she looks
its either the cruel truth
or the sickly lies
and she stares
because she does not know..
we do not look at the world
through a mirror
i just wait for the day
that she taps it hard
to look for whats beneath the black white images
..and the mirror just cracks
it is a good omen
cause she isn't the lady of shallot
and the day it cracks
she will come alive again.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


They are bothered about

oh so many things

things we do

life is so slow

when i look every morning

and read the same story


don't change the names

of the same things

...the silly little boring

stories at that

of some little theft

or another spoilt brat worry

yes you do...

i know u wanna guard

and given the microphone it is very hard to control..

so you speak

like a maniac

..talking away..

about some silly old fool

who bent the bloody idiotic city rule

...u have a problem with the damsel who kissed

..but hey you moral guardian

you are the unruly beast

that we should get.

its not them its not us

Why do you worry your big head

with the stuff that goes on

cant you see

the picture of the floors..

instead of lookin'

at those people freakin'

look down you fool

look at the hungry poor souls...

dont you dare spit at the pretty city dolls..

leave them alone you moral

beastly soul...

just look beyond...

and you will see

that you hadnt looked at all

all these days..when u criticised the gal who was

wearin' a flag..

she got the immoral tag

but what are you poor pauper..

have you really thought.

i know u havnt

baby..this is the time

look see help

clean the real bad crime.