Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ken and Tin : More nursery rhymes :P

I wonder where to start
Lemme begin from the scratch
The poem was conceived
Now lets just watch it hatch

I love those Gtalk chats
With loonies mad like me
It was good Indro this time
Who set my humour free

"Rabbits" he had said
"Or hedgehogs are so fine"
And I hardly could wait to use
The wacky sense of mine

I always wanted a pet
But my mamma hated dogs
My papa hated cats
But we all loved cute hedgehogs

We bought a 'hog named Ken
He ate and lazed all day!!
He refused to move or walk
His red spikes turned to grey!!

I had stopped right there,
But the boy was so impressed
"Write more" he said, so I
Tried to do my best...

Once we had a rabbit
With dirty grey-ish skin
I must have been crazy
'Coz I had named him Tin

He was a total pest
He ran around the house
Thought himself a cat
And once he caught a mouse!!

But it wasn't long before
The house almost came down
"Ken and Tin have to go"
Mamma said with a frown.

I have no pets at my place
As they were sent away
But I have this mad rhyme
For now that makes my day!!


Jadis said...

encore plz!! with background score.. :D

Indrajit Dutta said...

Hardy har har.Dig the quirky sense of humour.Guess it could hog very many accolades.

ananya chatterjee said...

i hardly get to read rhymes any more...u made my day

Riya Das said...

@pria: drumrollsssss :D :d
@indro: this rhyme wont be born if u wrnt thr buddy :)
@ananya: :) welcome to rdsherlock, and glad u liked the post

ananya chatterjee said...

oh yes i did....its one of a kind...

and thanks for leaving the comment in my blog was nice