Saturday, March 29, 2008

hot summers

the sun is high up
right on top of me
shining down on my bare neck..

she ran away with my umbrella
so I can't block the rays
the sunscreen melted with my sweat..

she was the life
my source of air and blood
and now she is not sane..

and he is inert
but he still pets me
as the green crisp notes fly..

i had the shade
they had made it for me
but the wind blew it away yesterday..

and now i stand
the sun will set soon
maybe i shall be friends with the moon..

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

another tag..all the alphabets this time

from sreejita's blog....

a for Area ... also Apple...the desires, the sin.. teehee
b for Baby I love u. mushy? oh yeah..thats the plan
c for Cool ...College... Cake.. CCD
d for Dumbo..dats for expecting something witty under each letter
e for Ewww.. Emma (the worst novel i read), Emperor (sounds powerful)
f for Fast, Flame, Feeling like it..what? keep guessing ;)
g for Guess, Green, Garnet
h for Hug, Hiroshima(don't ask)
i for I am busy, I love you, I don't care
j for Jack and Jill, who went up the hill and had some fun
k for Kajal ( only cosmetic i really love), Kamasutra, Kisses, Kafka
l for Love, LOLZ
m for Moi, Momma, Martin (Ricky, Dean? duh i like the name)
n for No..say it when you must
o for Origami, Ontario, Orgasms.Off you go
p for Painting, Pee, Poop, Piss off
q for Quiz, and Qua
r for Red ..implying sooo many things at one go
s for Safe sex, Smile, Shimmer, Scarlett O'Hara
t for Tara, Tommy and Tralalalala
u for Underneath your clothes, Umbrella, Ufff
v for Vendetta (couldn't help it..hehehehe)
w for Water, Wool, Wax and Waugh :)
x for Xcuse me, I'm not going to write Xmas... oh ya..Xerox..very usefel,that
y for Yay, Yummy
z for Zeal and Zombie.

woho now its done. btw, if it isn't obvious already, i have been happy with random words that came into my head... ;) oh ya.. the tag is for anyone who have the time, and the wish.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

bengalees today :)

i have been thinking about doing this thing for ages..ever since i have been part of an amazingly diverse university that made me meet hoards of interesting souls and here is a broad classification..just for some fun...and NO debates invited :D

1) the pati Bangali- you see them in groups,wearing ordinary clean clothes that are nothing noticeable..eating rice quietly in the one corner of a dirty table.they sport neatly brushed or tied hair dripping with smelly oil...they are scared of the "hep" groups and stick to their kind...and are immensely comical in their English pronunciations..Also, you get a feeling that they are as chaste as can be..with the expressions they give on hearing about some scandal..or simply when they so much as find a couple hugging.

2) the aantel Bangali - they know Shorotchondro and they know Shakespeare and they can lecture you on both..not that they have real truckloads of knowledge..but they know how to exploit the little (?) knowledge they have..and they impress you. they even know Meghnaad Saha and Hawking they are the ultimate all rounders. you find them wearing faded kurtas or khadi material (though fabindia is taking over) and they seldom dress up, in which lies their charm. they can enliven any sort of adda over a fag or a cup of tea. they have an opinion on everything and it takes at least two aantels to prevent a dominating and very boring monologue.

3) the Bong - they dress in kurtas today and body hugging t shirts tomorrow. they even sport sarees and panjabis on appropriate occasions. they listen to bands,metal,rock and soft tracks too, and can be found singing in groups when there is nothing worthwhile to talk about.they dress up one day they come looking like they are straight out of bed.they love patishapta and they love cakes. they use fluent Benglish and can shift to total Bangla in moments of intense love for their heritage,though their English is usually pretty flawless. they have the required knowledge for an adda too...but the adda includes intellectual potential mixed with spicy PNPC (the Bong abbr. for gossip). they form a very versatile group.

4) the T(n)aash - Bengalees by birth, so they cannot change that ..or the way they look..but they behave as differently as possible to be identified as foreign specimens.always found wearing western clothes (sometimes even Chinese :P, but never Indian). they give immense effort not to utter a single Bangla word (unless it escapes by chance when there is a real crisis of some appropriate English word..ahem ahem). they will give you a weird look if u say "tormuj" until u explain that it means "watermelon"...they usually talk about steak and beer and wine and god knows what...not very familiar with bhaat-mangsho or even luchi. i don't know whether they use toilet paper or water though..and i also don't know whether they will be at home if they ever go to live in the foreign lands of their dreams.

PS the classifications are broad and a huge number of people belong somewhere in between the groups...or maybe even belong to a mega mix of two or more of the groups...there there are some who are illusive and you don't get where they actually fall....but still..i am very happy looking at the grouping and the other huge part of the people who fit the bill perfectly :P

Saturday, March 8, 2008


we were standing
in the long queue...

and then they separated the men from the children !
the men ran forward
into the open galleries
leaving the little ones waiting.

but there was a man who did not go.
he waited with the innocent lot...

and went in last when they were all inside.
the crowd were still struggling to grab seats,
some of them panting at their newly occupied chairs

the man i speak of walked in,
and stood right in front
and sat down eventually.

and got the best view of the stage.