Sunday, November 18, 2007

twice i look

done in evening.

Monday, November 12, 2007

whatever !

done in paintbrush.
i like the way she looks- with her "just up from sleep" expression and messed up hair. and the colorful net thingy is my way of painting "whatever" ...that's how i look at things not affecting me anyway :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

link to a door

click on this.
although my blog is supposed to have nothing to do with current affairs,it wasn't possible not to link this thing up...because i feel this is the non-political-but-aware student's approach to a certain situation.we are not here to say "rise up and fight..." we don't want any is only a call for a solution that will bring peace..cant all the great heads think of one?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The alphabet meme

pria tagged me :D

A ACCEPT nothing till you have got the proof
B BREAK things in rage if u cant get the proof
C CREATE a proof if you have the brains
D DECIDE whether your proof is strong enough
E EXPLORE other proofs in your free time
F FORGIVE the idiots who accept without proof
G GROW up and move on if you are fed up with the lack of proof
H HOPE for a new thing with a fresh new proof
I IGNORE old beliefs with no proof
J JOURNEY to new areas looking for the proof you seek
K KNOW the proof by heart once you get it
L LOVE people who lead you to the proof
M MANAGE to kick off all lunatics who sell fake proofs
N NOTICE the goddamn proof the moment it comes your way
O OPEN your mind and let the proof sink in
P PLAY with toys , not with proofs
Q QUESTION their intelligence till you make people agree to buy your proof
R RELAX on a sofa as they accept the proof you give them
S SHARE the proof with people as long as the copyright is yours
T TRY to establish yourself as the "great proof finder"
U USE the title as a proof that you are brainy
V VALUE your proof no matter what they say about it
W WORK no more, just live off the royalty that the proof brings
X X-RAY your brains when you get old -its THE brain that procured the proof
Y YIELD to the doctor if he says you are insane..but ask for the proof
Z ZOOM into the x ray the doc gives you...that should be proof enough

gah pria..things that u make me write :D
ok.lesse whom i wanna tag ..soumik :D all u hafta do is keep the first word of each line and rewrite the thing.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Of beautiful things that i kept away :)

I stayed away from you for so long
...and I thought I would never be there.
The sparks that flew were fascinating.
But hey,I would always put a stop to them !
I was stopping them when they acted,
I stopped them when they peaked,
I stopped them when they rested,
but now they tell me they never stopped at all !
...and they don't lie !
I saw them rushing through me...
I felt their beauty on me.
Oh why did I ever want to stop them?
Am I fragile? (they say I am not)
Such rosy things the sparks are
with tender thorns that prick and caress
scared I was? (well I still am)
But the fear combined with things I never felt
Such powerful beauty they have
They make me complete,
despite being so scary.
(or is scary the right word?)
Love,you are crude,scary and assuring all at once...
and you grow more soothing each day.
With all the turbulence and calm you are beautiful.
I am so happy that I failed to keep you away.

Friday, November 2, 2007

kiddish smile

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dad! :)

when i was in junior school,i spent an afternoon (the afternoon of one 2nd November to be precise) cutting out colorful marble paper and streamers..and by the evening,the rooms were a whirl of colors...the occasion- my dad's birthday :)
in high school when i learnt to make that nice chocolate and fruit cake,the streamers bade goodbye and the cake was the thing i made all afternoon.
now i am in 2nd year,i bought him a bottle of scent..nicely wrapped in glossy people change with time as they grow up...but have i changed really? :) coz just a little while back,i put on my dad's old striped shirt, ( the one that was too small for him so he gave me ) tied around my waist in a knot, my dear old jeans and new orange earrings..and whoosh I AM READY FOR THE PARTY :D well,the party is nothing but a nice big dinner (i can smell the aroma of the biriyani from the kitchen :) mom's a great cook) but,i feel the same excitement...just the thing i felt back in the junior school days :) and dad smiles in the same way when he looks at the scent...that smile when he saw the streamers....:) so,once again,a very happy birthday to my boy...i mean dad :) love you.