Sunday, March 10, 2013

For all the children who have been wronged

Child abuse is among the few things I really would want to speak up against. So here goes an attempt to write something for all the wronged kids:

He was five.
What heinous crime could it have been
That you took all your upper body strength
And let it land on his face?
Maybe he had lost a pencil;
Or did he break a vase?
Oh he once wasted some toothpaste.
The glittery mess on the floor fascinated his five year old mind!
Each and every time
Your large man hands would leave his white cheeks red...
It must have burned too.

(He loved posing for the camera
He would look right at the lens as you clicked away on happy moments
His little eyes twinkled at you
Oh he had an innocent face!)

Once, you left a souvenir -
The impression of your manly palms on his five year old fair cheeks!
His kindergarten teacher asked him if it were the nurse.
He never had a nurse,
His tiny self felt embarrassed.
Alas! The victim's embarrassment had already planted its seed in him!
He said he did not remember;
He escaped from her protective clutches.
He could have said "Help me!"

(He loved posing for the camera
He turned six, then seven and got hundreds of photos taken
He looked at the lens from under his glasses
He was an adorable little nerd now
Oh he had an innocent face!)

He does not remember the reasons why
There was so much tough love
There were gifts too, many of them -
A toy for a palm-mark, or something like that.
He does not remember clearly; he was only five!
Did the tough love make his eyes go blurry so soon?
No, it was probably genes...
He almost convinced himself about that, using his adult intellect.
But he still wonders, what heinous crime could it have been?
He was five!