Friday, June 12, 2009

vacation vignettes

I do not remember when I last wrote something here... I can easily check the date of course , but that's not a way to remember is that? So, after a LONG time and a few pricks and prods from certain entities (which includes a silly little voice inside my head) , I have decided to post here.. but I haven't decided what to post about. This shouldn't be the case however, because I am enjoying the break after my final sem, and I should be having plenty to say about how college has been so far and what it feels like to be a graduate (I am not one yet, but I have high hopes about this one ;) ).

College has been nice - JU is a very different place from the ones I had been to earlier with its population as diverse and colourful as the Indian nation (which a very old history pamphlet claimed). I am happy to be part of such good institutions... it has given me a weird taste for them. Hence leaving JU without securing a position on a similar pedestal will be kind of difficult. But that has been taken care of. I quite love the MA course-list :).

I shall not discuss academics in this post anymore, because my future plans are still under a state of contemplation and consideration inside my head... I shall come back to discuss them once I carry them out... Now its time to look at the rosy aspects associated with vacations-
the movies I watched at home were mostly nice (Tinkerbell, Little Mermaid and more... I personally recommend both ..and from other genres I ask you to watch The Recruit if you can. I loved it). I went to watch Angels and Demons.. and was muttering about its shortcomings to my poor friend's ear. Its a bad thing if you have read a story before watching it on screen .. its even worse if the on-screen version is a twisted version of the written one with special effects going beyond the scope of cinematic reality and sometimes even touching Bollywood-like dream-visions. I hated how they changed so much in the movie.. or maybe I'm just a more tolerant reader and a less tolerant viewer. But my friend found the movie as weird as I did, which was a consolation because he doesn't read much...
Another movie that deserves special mention is Pushpak. Brilliantly done with no dialogue and a mixture of dreams and jarring reality- I would say its one of the best among the Indian art films.

As for books, I got plenty on my birthday... This birthday also brought me a nice big pink teddy bear (courtesy maa :D) ... I have been reading Code Name God ... the start was really interesting.. then I had to toss to decide which one to start first - The Kite Runner or The God of Small Things. Started The Kite Runner yesterday and only one-third of it it is left for me to finish today. "Brilliant" is one adjective i would like to describe it with... I have never been a good book reviewer, because I feel like telling the whole story in the process. Holding back the desire to say all, while trying to convey how the book is, seems rather difficult. I shall try to sum up how I liked the books once I finish them all. That also reminds me that I have Lady Chatterley's Lover lying peacefully on my shelf. I read up a bit on the story (and of course its author ;) ) and I can't wait to begin with that either.

Enough said in one post... the vacation has been nice so far. A few more days and I shall have to get back to planning and work. And maybe I shall return to this blog sooner this time :)


loony girl said...

i LOVE the kite runner. i cried so much when i read it.. and as for the m.a. course list... even i lovd it.. but sigh sigh sigh.

BrownPhantom said...

I just finished the Kite-runner movie and loved it to peices.
God of small things was a brilliant read too long back :).

@rJun said...

who said i ddnt like angels n demons!!?? reminded me of those sunny deol flicks whr he simply refuses 2 die!!

n as far as dis kite runner thing's concerned...i really lykd d cover..n u kno y ;)

Riya Das said...

@ loony: my sweet little solo commented b4 ne1 did.. yayyyyy

@ brown: thnx and welcome to rdsherlock :)

@ arjun: hmm i might as well start watching the sunny deol flicks.. and yessss.. i know the cover-story ;)..hmph

Jadis said...


oh and i liked a thousand splendid suns better.

Kokonad said...

Aaah! Pushpak! Whataymovie! :) Now I am going to procure it from somewhere and watch it again.

Loved your blog, Riya! Me subscribed, and now regular.

Riya Das said...

@jadis: i havn't read hat one.. but plan to get my hands on it ASAP

@kokonad: thnx and welcome to rdsherlock.. glad u liked my blog :)

ananya chatterjee said...

i second pria on that one.......a thousand splendid suns...i liked that better too.......
and ria...welcome back :)