Wednesday, September 23, 2009

time schemes in the city

It's midnight
in my room
Yet i don't feel alone

You're sleeping
Is it midnight too there?

I'm dying to tell you
the things that i forgot
You smile in your sleep
like you know I'm there

I hear your breathing
yet you do not wake
My loud and sharp voices
could wake you by mistake

It's morning
I just need to call

You're waking
Is it morning there at all?

I see you typing
those blurred lines that pay
I'm trying to tell you
please start my new day

It's twilight
here and there
Tell me its the same

I'm going to tell you
to play our little game
You look at me arms open
Your eyes close with mine

You're sleeping
with me
The time seems divine

I breathe slow
and deeper
Nothing breaks the spell

We're breathing
Through heaven and through hell

It's daytime
in our room
We both can see the rays

I'm holding
you closer
The room is ablaze

I'm trying to find out
what I left unsaid
The light is shining like gold
Proving nothing's been untold.