Sunday, April 19, 2009

sweet summer

Am currently being boiled like the rest of the Kolkatans.. Summer is here, and it'll be another one and a half months before one can hope for a cooler weather... I haven't been doing much...been chilling at home mostly and working on some college projects yadda yadda. Plus there's the IPL to watch and Commandos to play and story books to read... but what's there to eat? I absolutely hate spices, and if there was no mom in the house I would probably spend the whole of summer having only liquids and ice cream. But I AM having my share nevertheless... Here are a few things I've had for the last two weeks or so.. mostly home-made

My home made concoction christened Gemelina (Its got no meaning. It just occurred to me all of a sudden while I was trying to think up sweet feminine names). :D

I added ice cream, sliced fruits and nuts (too bad mangoes haven't hit the market yet), some mango and rose syrup and tadaaaa.. it was done.

Nothing special about this. Lassi, with a dash of lemon and ice.. and the apple and the blender's base are just there for decoration... hehe..

Two-in-one of a different kind. This is plain vanilla ice cream with sliced strawberries in the middle. My grand idea :D

I didn't prepare this one for a change. Nice surprise from maa this evening. Watermelon juice, with a few drops of lemon juice, salt and sugar... and the result was YUMMY... I named it Cold Blood... :D :D

Am sure with the arrival of good mangoes, the list will grow considerably, but couldn't wait that long, so posted anyway. :) Have a great summer... and drinkalot (the right liquids that it ;) )

P.S. Think I am falling in love with food-photography :D :D


Tangerine said...

i m gonna try out gemalina today. the pics look good enuf to eat!

Jadis said...


noyto aami sanyaas nebo. aar tui daayi hobi!!!

Riya Das said...

khawabo :D pakka.. ekdin chole aye.. na ele ami sanyas nebo ebar..

Riya Das said...

@ tangerine:
:) hmm do.. and thnx

Arjun said...

hmm...i sure hv a tasty future ahead ;)

dese DNT luk lyk sheep eye balls..leave out d nuts n i'm ready 2 taste dis stuff :)

Riya Das said...

hmm.. stew and any of these for dessert.. what say?

Arjun said...

errr...can i hv d dessert 1st??? :P

Riya Das said...

if u promise to finish the stew after that. then yes