Tuesday, May 25, 2010


In between the black silk covers,
I could see her eyes.
Her sleeves refusing to reveal
More than her petal-white fingers...
And what fair fingers they were !
A gold ring shone on her slender fourth finger,
Surrounding it like a chastity belt,
Maybe for some lover
Or maybe for herself alone.

Her feet were covered
In pretty closed-shoes.
Did her soft toes
Have the same shapely nails?
I could dream her hair -
Silk like her covers;
And her perfect being appeared in my mind...
I imagined Nasreen
As innocence reincarnated.

But then you spoke !
Your asking for the ticket
Breaking the vision like a common ailment !
I had not created a voice for you yet.
My dream lost to reality.
Not sweet, nor rusted,
Your earthly notes hit the air.
You were still fair
But suddenly you disappeared in the crowd !