Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the 15 books tag..

i get to do a brand new tag after a long time thanx to tangerine... here i have to name 15 books i loved and i cannot take more than 15 minutes to think up the titles... here i go

1. An Autobiography - Lee Iacocca (found this one extremely interesting and motivating.. its the perfect success story)
2. Gone With the Wind - Margaret Mitchell (don't think this one needs an explanation. I went on to read it thrice, and watched the movie almost every day at one point)
3. The Complete Sherlock Holmes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (this has influenced my mail IDs, Blog name etc etc)
4. The Famous Five Series - Enid Blyton (I grew up with Blyton books, and loved these best)
5. The da Vinci Code - Dan Brown (Was mesmerized after the first read, although later realized that I might have overreacted)
6. Harry Potter Series - J.K. Rowling (they won't write books like these in the next 100 years!!)
7. Tintin Collection - Herge (the lovely lovely books :) )
8. Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte (a brilliant classic.. read it in school and became a Bronte fan)
9. Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte (I simply love the Bronte sisters)
10. Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen (I made the mistake to reading Emma after this one and was extremely disappointed.. nothing parallels Pride and Prejudice)
11. The Old Man and the Sea - Ernest Hemingway (typical Hemingway - brilliant storytelling)
12. What Katy Did series - Susan Coolidge (thanx to these books, Katy became my childhood friend.. i still read parts from the books.. )
13. Uponyash Shomogro - Sharatchandra Chattopadhayay (i loved almost all the novels in this collection...)
14. Abol Tabol - Sukumar Ray (I am not much of a poetry person, but these were just awesome)
15. Gora - Rabindranath Tagore (my favourite among his novels I've read)

there you are.. am done.. in a hurry to go to college now, so I wont sit and choose 15 random people for this tag.. i tag anyone who reads this tag :D.. now if u r a reader, please be honest and go do the tag.. :)


Tangerine said...

Another fellow HP fan!

Miss M said...

Pity I cant read bengali books because I badly want to read 'Abol tabol' but can't.

And all my cousins around me can recite the poems at the tip of their fingers! Sigh.

Riya Das said...

@tang: cant wait to go watch the new movie :D

@Miss M:welcome to rdsherlock and thnx for the comment :)
i think translations are available .. you could check those out but yeah, they are never as good as the original...

Anonymous said...

1st 235 pages of book no. 5 were pretty good :P ...keep guessin my identity ;)

Riya Das said...

i guessed right..though i got a certain thing wrong.. blame it on my drowsiness.. khik khik

Abhiroop Biswas said...

Early readers back from the mid 90's know the flavour of reading "Famous Five" or that of "Secret Seven". Times when reading story books was taken into serious accord, an essential part of good education, these books let our imaginations flow into a world of mystery, suspense and mindtwisters. I seldom used to go the the school library until I got the flavor of reading Enid Blyton, Alfred Hichcock books. Since then I have grown the habbit of munching on any good story book that tingle my imagination . For present times Harry Potter series, Jeffry Archer Series and Dan Brown series are my favorite choices.

According to this post, the list of books have led my mind go back in time when I used to look at the school catalogue to find some quality books worth reading.

Todays generation is far from the road 'Quality Reading' and can never value the essense of this flavour.

Riya Das said...

thnx a lot for sharing that :) and welcome to rdsherlock

Anonymous said...

I can never really forget "Gone with the Wind".....Read it solely because of RdSherlock here and loved it....kudos,,,:)

Riya Das said...

:) cool