Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hullabaloo… R...S...T...U…V DAY!!!

Thought I would abstain from this topic once and for all. But no... You need something to write about if your blog has been lying around barren and you are not interested in (euphemism for “ignorant about”) other important aspects going on in the world.

Not going into the hype that the audio and visual media indulge in… lets delve a little deep(er) into the actual thing involving this day that is usually interjected by romantic spasms. Am not sure about where it came from (dad recommended some freak article which claimed some sort of a Gujarat connection. :D :D I haven’t read that... trust me... I just know the headline bit). I personally did not know about its existence till I had pretty much completed a huge chunk of high school and the revelation came like a messiah through… alas... the visual media (there’s no escaping it). But the revelation hardly mattered… I had no boyfriend, no time, no money and I found the idea highly exotic. Plus the closest I had gotten to those pink hearts floating around was buying and eating a whole packet of little hearts… (Yummy :P)

Phase two involved the revelation that we too had our own V day. This idea is even more exotic my friends… no wonder we are all prone to feeling romantic and messing up exams as a consequence… we go around lovemaking(I mean premming, if you know the word ;)) on Saraswati Pujo after neatly tucking the books away under the idol’s feet. My Saraswati Pujos have been highly bland in this regard. I have dressed up like an idiot in the morning and done a mock pujo since time immemorial...then I have usually gone back to the routine lethargy involving food and a movie or two in the blissful company of solitude. Never been out in a yellow saree holding the hand of my dada (wink wink) and checking out the paras… I have missed out on a lot of Bengalee flavours.

The latest trends have been to bash the concept of V day. Certain people repeat and re-repeat and re-re-repeat that we should love all year, all month, and all day… (Blah blah blah)… instead of singling out 14th Feb as the day to love. But let us chuck such stupid claims. By that logic, we need no father’s day, mother’s day and god-knows-what day (and the feminists will rightfully scream that we need no separate women’s day, and I shall add on to the volume). But honestly, tell me what’s wrong with it?? (yes, you guessed it right, now I have the boyfriend, the time and the money, and if I didn’t, I would still be having the little hearts, but that’s not the point !!!). We should love 24*7, sure. And we may choose to stay Bengalee and go out in those uncomfortable yellow attires of our own lovey dovey winter mornings… But nothing beats celebrating V day if you want to… its just an excuse to go out and chill… gifts don’t constitute a necessity, but honestly, chocolates and other stuff that come straight from the heart seldom go to waste :P

Now to get a bit personal… I had a great time this year… I got surprised, scared (heh heh.. and I asked for this part), and most importantly, I returned happy. Let us make things clearer. Ever made someone stay up the night and paint a picture for you without asking him or her to?? :P maybe you did, maybe you didn’t… but whatever, V Day is not quite the tacky mushy things you see on TV… its quite different if you were to go out for the sake of being together instead of celebrating it like some routine romance-ritual. :D


Jadis said...


Ashutosh Didwania said...

The concluding statement pretty much sums it up...isn't it...its worth celebrating for the sake of being together instead of painting an illusion of pomp and show..

Arjun... said...

"..., and most importantly, I returned happy" & ON TYM !!!! :P ...paid spl attention 2 d last para...assumed d rest 2 b as interesting as ur earlier posts :P.. btw luvd d title too..

alok said...

What more I can say :)

I think politics, love and analysis can never be part of the same plane. That's why they say -“Love and war are the same thing, and stratagems and policy are as allowable in the one as in the other.

Suki said...

I have exactly ONE problem with going out just to be together on V-day.
It's TOO PINK! All that pink.. ewww! Gimme Baby's sunny, breezy room with some good food and nice music any day - yes, even V-day!
Oh, and V-day usually means all the decent places are ubercrowded. Not my style at all.

But on the whole, you're dead on with this one :D.

Prospephone said...

Well Riya I guess you have a point. But i still find the whole Vday ritual freaky. But you are right about Saraswati Puja, I too have missed out completely on that!

Riya Das said...

@jadis: :) love ya baby
@ashutosh: thnx! and welcome to my blog
@arjun:khik khik,thnx! :)
@alok:stratagems indeed!!! :D thnx and welcome to my blog
@suki:not just the pink.. but varieties of exotic couples you can have an amazing time looking at ..hehe.. thnx btw
@prospephone:it IS mega freaky the way it is projected by the media :) thnx!