Sunday, January 25, 2009

stories from last week

I blog again... some people will kill me if I don’t... OK replace "some people" with "solo".

I have absolutely no clue what to write about, or lets say there are so many things to write about that I don't know where to start, or how to end it once I get started...

Academics-wise, there is not much to say... except the fact that I am supposed to be acting in a play and composing for it. But work doesn't begin till 27th... of January?? (Hahaha...Hopefully)

I had a good mind to write about A Brief History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson, which is an absolute gem of a book (or who is an absolute gem of an author...Sheesh... pardon the grammatical errors if any). However, there is no point, or so I think now, because if I were to write about it, I would have to comment on each and every page, and provide brilliant spoilers along the way... so if you care about reading, go grab it.

The latest movie updates have been more interesting. A very industrious friend has been nice enough to give me certain absolute blasts in the name of movies and I loved the ones I have watched so far. Borat was funny. Period. I was more amused and less grossed out though I was both, pretty much.
The latest sensation that's grabbing the nation turned out to be like another H(B)ollywood happy-tale... shown in a different way. The technique did whatever it could to cause the sensation I was talking about. Otherwise it is just another piece of forget-their-names. Slumdog Millionaire wasn't a waste of time. It might have been a waste of enthusiasm, but it was good. And I am not being sarcastic here. It was a set of brilliantly presented lies, and that's what we want to watch on screen really. There is too much reality around us. We don't need to pay for more of it.

As for the sundry updates, I have no girly-beauty-regime-tale to tell you... unless you are interested in my new clothes, which I myself have forgotten about ever since I dunked them somewhere inside the closet or under the bed. French classes have been fun so far. The teacher knows French and some English and loads of Bangla. And it’s all tres bien!!! That’s "very good" by the way, or so I have been taught.

And as for future plans, I have to wake up by tomorrow evening and enjoy the last day of this long break... so it won’t be a manic Monday for a change. Anyway, that's enough for now; I shall be back once I find something that interests me in bashing or praising it. Till then, take care. :)