Friday, July 5, 2013

My First

Here's an ongoing trend
Of saying sorry.
Maybe I am too early and should let a year pass,
But who can let an opportunity of being hep go?
Hence, I am sorry.
I truly am,
For spending what seems like a happy lifetime with you,
And when that life ended for me,
Keeping you in the dark
As you thought we were still living,
Albeit with a disease -
Curable for you, incurable for me.

I am glad I built castles in the air with you once.
The images did make our naive selves happy!
For all it's worth,
I do not regret having created so much beauty with you -
Beauty that I lived through and passed by.
I am sorry I failed to drag you out with me.
I am sorry I said "forever";
Forever is but a phase till we change.
When you rushed to recoup and repair,
I am sorry I had moved so far I didn't have a tear to spare.
In spite of knowing the pain of loss that good souls do not deserve,
I failed to fight my mind, and darling, I am so very sorry for that!