Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Of beautiful things that i kept away :)

I stayed away from you for so long
...and I thought I would never be there.
The sparks that flew were fascinating.
But hey,I would always put a stop to them !
I was stopping them when they acted,
I stopped them when they peaked,
I stopped them when they rested,
but now they tell me they never stopped at all !
...and they don't lie !
I saw them rushing through me...
I felt their beauty on me.
Oh why did I ever want to stop them?
Am I fragile? (they say I am not)
Such rosy things the sparks are
with tender thorns that prick and caress
scared I was? (well I still am)
But the fear combined with things I never felt
Such powerful beauty they have
They make me complete,
despite being so scary.
(or is scary the right word?)
Love,you are crude,scary and assuring all at once...
and you grow more soothing each day.
With all the turbulence and calm you are beautiful.
I am so happy that I failed to keep you away.


Jadis said...

Good for you did, 'failed to keep it away' that is.
Nice poem.

tito said...

uncontrolled, crude, yet calm.

lovely description.

Riya Das said...

thanx both of u