Friday, November 2, 2007

kiddish smile

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dad! :)

when i was in junior school,i spent an afternoon (the afternoon of one 2nd November to be precise) cutting out colorful marble paper and streamers..and by the evening,the rooms were a whirl of colors...the occasion- my dad's birthday :)
in high school when i learnt to make that nice chocolate and fruit cake,the streamers bade goodbye and the cake was the thing i made all afternoon.
now i am in 2nd year,i bought him a bottle of scent..nicely wrapped in glossy people change with time as they grow up...but have i changed really? :) coz just a little while back,i put on my dad's old striped shirt, ( the one that was too small for him so he gave me ) tied around my waist in a knot, my dear old jeans and new orange earrings..and whoosh I AM READY FOR THE PARTY :D well,the party is nothing but a nice big dinner (i can smell the aroma of the biriyani from the kitchen :) mom's a great cook) but,i feel the same excitement...just the thing i felt back in the junior school days :) and dad smiles in the same way when he looks at the scent...that smile when he saw the streamers....:) so,once again,a very happy birthday to my boy...i mean dad :) love you.



Suki said...

:). Sweeet. Don't lose that child.

Happy Birthday to him.

Anonymous said...

you're right. a new dawn beckoning a new life.

thanks for the comment!

Anurima said...

ei amar torof theke belated happy birthday bole dish. :D