Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The alphabet meme

pria tagged me :D

A ACCEPT nothing till you have got the proof
B BREAK things in rage if u cant get the proof
C CREATE a proof if you have the brains
D DECIDE whether your proof is strong enough
E EXPLORE other proofs in your free time
F FORGIVE the idiots who accept without proof
G GROW up and move on if you are fed up with the lack of proof
H HOPE for a new thing with a fresh new proof
I IGNORE old beliefs with no proof
J JOURNEY to new areas looking for the proof you seek
K KNOW the proof by heart once you get it
L LOVE people who lead you to the proof
M MANAGE to kick off all lunatics who sell fake proofs
N NOTICE the goddamn proof the moment it comes your way
O OPEN your mind and let the proof sink in
P PLAY with toys , not with proofs
Q QUESTION their intelligence till you make people agree to buy your proof
R RELAX on a sofa as they accept the proof you give them
S SHARE the proof with people as long as the copyright is yours
T TRY to establish yourself as the "great proof finder"
U USE the title as a proof that you are brainy
V VALUE your proof no matter what they say about it
W WORK no more, just live off the royalty that the proof brings
X X-RAY your brains when you get old -its THE brain that procured the proof
Y YIELD to the doctor if he says you are insane..but ask for the proof
Z ZOOM into the x ray the doc gives you...that should be proof enough

gah pria..things that u make me write :D
ok.lesse whom i wanna tag ..soumik :D all u hafta do is keep the first word of each line and rewrite the thing.


Jadis said...

The fact that you do WRITE them is proof enough that you value them...

soumik said...


soumik said...

thankee for the tag :)

Riya Das said...

@soumik: :D :D :D
@jadis: lolz...hmm i value the advice i give:D

Anonymous said...

this is the best one yet! :)
great job!

Riya Das said...

thnx tito. :) glad you like it

the lost_poet said...
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Riya Das said...
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Anurima said...

oh haven't laughed this hard in ages!!!!

Riya Das said...

:D idea worked..thanx girl