Tuesday, May 1, 2007


They are bothered about

oh so many things

things we do

life is so slow

when i look every morning

and read the same story


don't change the names

of the same things

...the silly little boring

stories at that

of some little theft

or another spoilt brat

..you worry

yes you do...

i know u wanna guard

and given the microphone it is very hard to control..

so you speak

like a maniac

..talking away..

about some silly old fool

who bent the bloody idiotic city rule

...u have a problem with the damsel who kissed

..but hey you moral guardian

you are the unruly beast

that we should get.

its not them its not us

Why do you worry your big head

with the stuff that goes on

cant you see

the picture of the floors..

instead of lookin'

at those people freakin'

look down you fool

look at the hungry poor souls...

dont you dare spit at the pretty city dolls..

leave them alone you moral

beastly soul...

just look beyond...

and you will see

that you hadnt looked at all

all these days..when u criticised the gal who was

wearin' a flag..

she got the immoral tag

but what are you poor pauper..

have you really thought.

i know u havnt

baby..this is the time

look see help

clean the real bad crime.