Sunday, May 13, 2007

back to myself..for ever!

After so much time,
its finally bliss.
Life flew back at me
and gave me a kiss!
I looked at the eyes,
they talked of love and care.
The sweet serene smile,
that makes you dare
to show yourself...
to join in the heart.
It is flowing within,
it is a beautiful start,
people comment,
all of them... young and old.
They may read it as weird,
or maybe too bold.
But i am resting assured,
because they hardly can see,
in between the lines,
the real picture of me!
I am smiling for once,
I am smiling truly,
far away from the norms,
that seem unruly.
I had lost myself then...
I am lost still!
But this is one fall
on my own free will.
Getting lost in the warmth
was something so new...
like a warm blue lake,
where my passions brew.
I look before me,
I see myself tall...
I didnt know one rises
after this fall!
I am glad i fell...
I am happy it worked...
I met the little corners,
where this blissful heart lurked.
I will hold on to this life.
Whatever it lacks,
is so small compared to
this eternal climax!