Saturday, May 19, 2007

laughing stock

there i go again
..talking about art....
its a virtue...
that many do not behold..
and them i wanna hurt...
yes...shallow as they are
they wont get that either
they would nod and frown
as i look down
upon their clean heads
devoid of all the head contains !
kudos to the old wise soul
that keeps it going
keeping the senses shut
to the snide reflections. you even understand?
whatever i say...
does this mean anything to you..
i will not expect it to..
and there you are..
nodding away again
as i cant help but dryly laugh
at you...
why can i see right through your shallow substance?
you don't even see what
keeps the world going..
you just see glittering paychecks
and blind yearnings
for the golden snowflakes
but that is the place
where you go senile
where it cuts reality like a knife...
tell me wise people..
did you ever have a life?

1 comment:

Riya Das said...

ummmm..ok..dis has been writtn in a very annoyed state of mind...and i wud like to apologise to d person dis is directed at..tho he doesnt have a clue dat this is for him...dumb and shallow as he is.hee hee