Friday, June 27, 2008

a tralalalala post

time for me to blog again?
lemme see...i suppose yeah..i should..its been a big break...
so what have i been doing?
i have been ransacking my hard disc to retrieve dozens of files that i didn't know existed..then sorted them into aptly named folders..and placed them in the right drives...
now i have a more or less organized PC with separate folders for different kinds of contents..its almost like my bedroom is clean!!!! (yeah it is..these days )

i wanted to name this post something like back with a bang ... but then that would be a misnomer....cause i am not sure how much bang there'll be..this is just a stray post after a long time..i don't know what I'll write next..or for that matter when.

some more small talk..
i have been watching movies on my PC lately..that should explain the constant DND as my gtalk of my pals pinged me as "hi miss DND!"(how tactful of him..poor chap!)
watched "the bicycle thief" finally...and also all the Brosnan James Bonds and the Craig one (Craig's better any day).

my end semester results came out..and i didn't do too badly that's another nice thing that happened during the vacation..then the JUDE entrance test took place and two aspirants i happen to know didn't get through (should i be happy or sad about that? lets keep it private here..)

as a matter of fact, its fun to write again...type again i mean...i haven't been writing much on paper though, if you exclude a short draft on a stupid thriller that never really took was born during a walk beside a lake with a friend if you must know.

then dad got a new cell phone..the Samsung j210 or whatever that does a lot of i was busy researching and developing that as well..its got nice games and a camera latest orkut pic is there thanks to the cam..nice one.

i also did some painting...i am supposed to do more..and one of those paintings is supposed to be the wedding gift for one of my friends who'll be getting married coming February.

i read too...books from BCL...a book called code to zero by Ken Follet..nice thriller...then i bought harry potter 3 to complete my collection (don't ask why i hadn't bought it before..i don't remember)..and read read it that is.

i joined swimming..but dropped it after a month and a half because it was giving me an unpleasant tan.and then i went to college about thrice a hang around...not so much with a gang though, if you know what i mean...then my father got me a list of movies owned by his friend and i chose the ones i want...i'll be getting those soon...

last night i watched a movie called A walk to remember...and realized that stupid but sweet movies are nice to watch...but of course nothing even comes close to Roman Holiday in the "exceedingly sweet and stupid" category..its a masterpiece.

i went to teach every Wednesday...and earned quite a lot too from that...pretty happy with it in fact...and so are the kid's parents cause he gets marks..good ones..

finally, today, the 27th of June 2008...i haven't done much since the paper...lazed around...and mom just went out to buy biriyani..things couldn't have been excuse me for signing off right now..I'll be back(am not terminator...Pj?) i hope i have justified my you guys.


solo said...

u r backkk!!!!!
and its always fun to watch cute movies... sigh...
and yr new orkut pic b NICE!
and y did u leave swimming? i love the water! it was a criminal offense!!

Riya Das said...

thnx for being the first one to read and comment on this..thnx for making me post again...and yes..i hate a tan..hmph

Jadis said...

HP3 is my favourite HP book...
strange u never liked it good enuf to have bought it earlier...

Riya Das said...

arre isnt like dat. i borrowed it from a frnd..and read it earlier..then the 4th one was in the rush of buying dat..the 3rd was forgotten