Saturday, March 29, 2008

hot summers

the sun is high up
right on top of me
shining down on my bare neck..

she ran away with my umbrella
so I can't block the rays
the sunscreen melted with my sweat..

she was the life
my source of air and blood
and now she is not sane..

and he is inert
but he still pets me
as the green crisp notes fly..

i had the shade
they had made it for me
but the wind blew it away yesterday..

and now i stand
the sun will set soon
maybe i shall be friends with the moon..


littleblackstar said...

besh rhymed unrhymed poemlike thing :)

somehow reminds me of Lucy poems, but that's just me

Mahi said...

cute poem!

Riya Das said...

thnx both of u
and welcome to my blog mahi