Tuesday, March 25, 2008

another tag..all the alphabets this time

from sreejita's blog....

a for Area ... also Apple...the desires, the sin.. teehee
b for Baby I love u. mushy? oh yeah..thats the plan
c for Cool ...College... Cake.. CCD
d for Dumbo..dats for expecting something witty under each letter
e for Ewww.. Emma (the worst novel i read), Emperor (sounds powerful)
f for Fast, Flame, Feeling like it..what? keep guessing ;)
g for Guess, Green, Garnet
h for Hug, Hiroshima(don't ask)
i for I am busy, I love you, I don't care
j for Jack and Jill, who went up the hill and had some fun
k for Kajal ( only cosmetic i really love), Kamasutra, Kisses, Kafka
l for Love, LOLZ
m for Moi, Momma, Martin (Ricky, Dean? duh i like the name)
n for No..say it when you must
o for Origami, Ontario, Orgasms.Off you go
p for Painting, Pee, Poop, Piss off
q for Quiz, and Qua
r for Red ..implying sooo many things at one go
s for Safe sex, Smile, Shimmer, Scarlett O'Hara
t for Tara, Tommy and Tralalalala
u for Underneath your clothes, Umbrella, Ufff
v for Vendetta (couldn't help it..hehehehe)
w for Water, Wool, Wax and Waugh :)
x for Xcuse me, I'm not going to write Xmas... oh ya..Xerox..very usefel,that
y for Yay, Yummy
z for Zeal and Zombie.

woho now its done. btw, if it isn't obvious already, i have been happy with random words that came into my head... ;) oh ya.. the tag is for anyone who have the time, and the wish.


solo said...

vey good!
i am proud of u!

Jadis said...

that laugh made my day.
riya i luv u...