Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mah Resolution :D

I have taken some bloody resolutions
Overcoming all stupid confusions
About whether I wanna bloody keep 'em or not
Let the dilemmas rot
Me'll drink more; water I mean
Three meals a day and gallons in between !
1 litre ,then 2 then'll go up the ladder,
Till it cant take anymore, my poor ol' bladder !
Health, they say, take care of it...
Drink 10 glasses(not pegs) a day,and stay fit
So i start today, the earlier the better
I drink a gulp after typing every letter !
Flush out toxins, that's what they say
Yeah, it makes me visit the loo oftener anyway !
Drink up ..drink more, and then take a leak
Am off to get high on water,excuse me (hic ! )

1 comment:

Dr No said...

Miss,dere's no need 2 torture urself so much over water.Its nt necessary 2 drink 10 glasses a day.u know!Bt honestly,dat ws a nice post