Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Toys

The toys lie strewn about the house;
And i still am madly possessive about them !
The day you took away my teddy bear,
I screamed till you put it back.
And then next day...
I tore out its eye and made a hole in its heart
With your needle that you left lying around !
The day you bought me the plastic letters,
I wrote my first words.
And perhaps you were proud...
Though i see no reason why you should have been !
And then the talking doll,
The train that you barely let me touch...
Its still there...waiting to be broken
By my tiny fist that holds the pen now !
The blocks...the colors...
The heaps of joy...
That still make me go through the tonnes of debris
That lie packed neatly
In the depths of the box and my heart,
Waiting to be touched and fondled again.
And they are not waiting in vain,
Because I still am madly possessive about them.


Anonymous said...

this struck in me a sad nostalgic feeling, you know. if this has been a personal poem, i can guess what you're trying to convey. its the same with me too, sometimes...i long for the good old days that were so much simpler.

great blog.

Riya Das said...

:) thanks a lot tito.am glad i have been able to evoke such feelings in a reader...i miss the good old days too..u read it right.

Elia said...

Interesting to know.