Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Alter Ego That Never Was

The girl i love looks at me,
Beckons through the liquid that separates us,
The beats grow louder,
And i hear our blood rush.

I am not so good with rhymes,
The goddess will forgive me,
But she is not my concern,
She is not the one i see.

Oh! her pale skin and glowing eyes!
She looks like a ghost,
Still i confuse her with you,
...The female i love the most.

I dipped my finger in the lake,
And felt it go through your skin,
Wish I could be raw and red,
And not the stranger in between.

The liquid reflects you on me,
Like i am your image,
Super impositions excite you,
But I feel cold rage.

oh goddess,girl and me,
We are but one.
Or so they say...
But I am none.

I am not the fair almighty,
Nor you, pretty damsel.
Am i me?
I am sure i can tell...

But no! let it be,
I am no one when he looks at me,
You detest my glee,
When he lets me be.

Girl i love you,
I give in to your wish,
You want his love,
From the ruby dish.

For him i unite,
With myself i so dearly care,
Then i become one,
My hands touch his hands bare.

Cutting out the pieces,
That i don't want to tie,
I go with him happily,
As i watch you blissfully die.


Jadis said...

This one sounds like metaphysical poetry crossed with a tiny bit of gothic rock and a bit of elizabethan lyric.
No offence gal. It was really nice.
Thanks for the visit. Am linking you up from my blog too.

Riya Das said...

thanx jadis :) lolz...i neva knew dis one was a mix...coz dat wasnt d plan...this is necessarily my writing in my own way.

Anurima said...

eita ektu confusing chilo. so read and re-read, and I think these two lines are brilliant:

You want his love,
From the ruby dish.


Riya Das said...

:D yep its confusing..because i changed my mind midway :D wont tell u why and where though...glad u liked those lines..i love them too :)