Sunday, September 1, 2013

Thought of the Night 2

There is one thing that always makes me happy, or at least reduces my woes into miniature imperceptible versions of themselves - considering the worst and looking out the window, and then realizing how my worst is better than someone's best, and how the worst is always the most improbable. This always manufactures a screen of brightness blocking me from all negativity, that sometimes dwindles into nothingness due to sheer neglect.

I have recently discovered a second thing that can make my worries vaporize. Given the very rare opportunity to interact with someone with a heart and mind devoid of any complexity or expectation, simplicity touches you and there is nothing that ushers in serenity with such effectiveness. Instead of forcing in the positive, it creates an aura of lightheartedness that establishes its existence in a matter of seconds and stays for as long as you remember or relive the conversation. Where there is innocence in place of condescension and goodness instead of nicety, distress simply has no place to raise its ugly head. It is conquered, even if for a short while, rather than blocked. I have many nice people in my life, but good people are of another kind. I am thankful to the world for still allowing a handful of them to survive, and I consider myself to be exceptionally lucky that I know some.

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