Sunday, September 2, 2012

Before I Turn to Stone...

Love causes no tears to come
Over the storm of my iris,
Which takes in dark light.
“Don't cry for your love, cry tears of joy”?
But I only see beyond the happy blur...
I see you – my last resort
As I slowly turn to stone,
Your flesh the last live thing
Before I die on my own...
“I’ll never be alone”?

Don’t walk as life crumbles to dust
Run! Run fast!
Run to me! My cold body pleads
Are you running away instead?
I cannot move an inch,
Yet you think I glide!

“You’re alive”, you said?
Yet my room is draped in walls,
Into which I shall blend, unmoving.
My love’s vaporizing
Does it reach you and make you warm?
You sent a song…
Turn yourself to me, now!
Touch me out of this trance...
Run to me, my cold soul pleads,
Before I turn to stone...
Don’t let us be on our own.

( Quotes are from "Cradled in Love" - PoTF )