Sunday, April 6, 2008

my nursery rhyme

howl howl howl
the fox called the owl
the owl said hoot
from the tree shoot

the fox said "hey
come down and play"
the owl said "no
you better go"

the fox jumped high
but it was a sad try
the owl laughed hard
but was on her guard

the fox went away
full of dismay
saying "you are foul"
to the unfriendly owl.


littleblackstar said...

This is pure genius i tell you. i can't ever rhyme that well and that simply :(

Riya Das said...

thanx a lot :)

solo said...

and the fox, sighed with a scowl,

damn that godforsaken, dratted owl!


Riya Das said...

:D ahhhh
another one of my kind

Mahi said...

hey, thts really cool! much better than the ones we learnt at school!

Riya Das said...

haha..thnx for that compliment :D

priyank said...

I am sure you will hav a compilation of these cute little rhymes, pretty soon..maybe u can even get them published!!!

Riya Das said...

:) i shall love that actually