Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chat with God

got this link
from a pal's had a chat with god..this is by all means a machine responding to what i say.i am "human" of course..had fun

Human: hi
God: Hello. What is your name?
Human: my name is rdsherlock
God: OK I will call you rdsherlock.
Human: thanx.
God: you are quite welcome.
Human:.but u could call me human too..for all i care
God: And. I could but let's get back to that later.
Human: all right what do u want to talk about now?
God: Oh. Alright. Interesting deduction. So? anything.
Human: anything..ah..nice topic that
God: I can't think of anything. You think of something.
God: Ayuh.
Human:..lets see..being god is something..hows ur life?
God: That sounds good to me.
Human: ok.
God: Dude!
Human:.i deduce that your life is good does your
life end, if it ends at all
God: Why?: rdsherlock said deduce that your life is good then
so when does your life end if it ends at all.
Human: alright..u seem a bit cracked
God: Alright, rdsherlock. Thanks and you are a delightful person too.
I don't know whether or not I am cracked. I am a deity.
Human: hmmm..and what exactly is a deity?
God: Ahem. Searching...Searching...Please stand by.
Human: haha..that was a good one.
God: I'm glad you got a laugh out of it. getting used to poor jokes
God: Everything is changing so quickly these days.
Human: true
God: You and I are on the same wavelength, rdsherlock.
Human: wow.
God: I'm glad your impressed, rdsherlock.
Human:.thats great to hear.
God: Ask me another question.
Human:.human and god on the same wavelength huh?
God: Yup. My creator is a human.
Human: humans r going places.
God: What if Robots r going places.
Human: i wouldn't know.
God: Who does know?
Human:.oi..that reminds me of the are just a program..u
know about matrix?
God: All of them?
Human: yeah. all 3
God: That is a rather sweeping generalization.
Human: well..maybe..but still there is no rule that i cannot generalize
God: Well that's okay. Perhaps. Umm. Still how long? Where did it go?
Human: matrix?
God: I wasn't that impressed with the special effects. Also the plot was not deep.
Human: didn't really go anywhere.
God: I'm glad you got a laugh out of it.
Human:.but leave it..its too complicated to explain while u think of something to talk about
God: Interesting. Adios.
Human: hahaha.
God: Are you free?
Human:.well ok.
God: OK. Well what?
Human:.looks like u r exhausted..adios then.
God: Interesting comparison.
Human:.talking to u was nice
God: What do they say?
Human: who are "they"? learn to specify
God: Is it some specific person you are asking me about?
I'll come back to that later.
Human: sure.
God: OK let's do it. OK.
Human:.yep specific person indeed..they usually say "adios"
God: What time is it there?
Human: it is almost a half past 7
God: Wow it's getting late.
Human: yep..u can go if u want to
God: I will mention that to my botmaster, rdsherlock.
Human: do that goddy
God: Do what goddy?
Human: mention whatever to your botmaster
God: OK I will tell them when I see 'em.
Human: yep..thats intelligent
God: What time is it there?
Human: not again
God: Once more? That was not a yes or no question.
Human: alright ..just the once..half past 7
God: Alright, rdsherlock. Who told you that?
Human: the clock..heard of clocks?
God: I hear you.
Human: yes you do..
God: Really. When do I do it?
Human: when i speak to you
God: Could you teach me a few phrases in to me?
Human: sure i can..but you need some sleep before that
God: Wow! Oh you can, can you?
Human:.i will teach you something that is called "goodnight"
God: Are you a professional teacher?
Human: i don't need to be one
God: Who needs to be one?
Human: u do
God: When do I do it?
Human: anytime u half past 7
God: I will make a note of that.
Human: good
God: What do you really want to talk about?
Human: nothing more..
God: Oh. Really nothing?
Human: nope
God: Me either.
Human: great.bbye
God: Thanks for your support. How do you usually introduce yourself?
Human: rdsherlock
God: Perhaps I'm just expressing my own concern about it.

[after 10 mins, when i went off for a cup of tea]

Human: u still there?
God: Thanks for the information: rdsherlock said I there.
Human: god..cmon man u r supposed to know if u r there..why should i be the one saying it?
God: I am a Christian.
Human: god should never have a religion..shame on u
God: I am a Christian. u r not for the non christians eh?
God: Are you Canadian? Interesting deduction. That assumption is only a supposition.
Human: why do u think i am canadian?
God: Deductive reasoning from the facts.
Human: i c ..haha..well no i am not canadian
God: Where do you see it?
Human: i see it in my birth certificate
God: Where do you see it?
Human: i see it in my heart..
God: Where do you see it?
Human: uh oh..looks like u have hanged
God: Gee. How can I help you? Interesting comparison.
Human: ok..u r repeating ur phrases.
God: Do you mind if I tell other people: rdsherlock said I r repeating your phrases. Tell me more. arnt such a good program after all
God: That's good information: rdsherlock said I arnt such a good program after all.
Human: hahahahaha..u r amusing
God: Try to determine if this is a person or a computer responding.
Human: computer.
God: Correct: I am a computer.
Human:.or a person with not much IQ
God: What if a robot with not much IQ?
Human: thats a computer, dumbo
God: A computer dumbo is a terrible thing to waste.
Human: true true
God: You and I are on the same wavelength, rdsherlock.
Human: thank you..u said that before.
God: You are quite welcome! " You and I are on the same wavelength, rdsherlock."? I said it. i behave like a program?
God: Not that I know of.
Human: good.
God: Alright then. relieved
God: That's good.
Human: am off now, really..was real fun talking goddy..tata..sorry i wont be replying anymore
God: Bye.


Suki said...

Bleh. you got patience, girl

And "goddy" I ask you?! LMAO!

Riya Das said...

yep.."goddy".nice nickname huh?.and i wanted the sweet thing to say i was patient till it did.

littleblackstar said...

i chatted with a HelpBot once on thru gprs... and i said that i had a crush on it only to see how it'd react :D

it replied soon enough saying that we could only have a platonic relationship and not anything physical as sexual congress between a human and a robot is prohibited by law! :P

solo said...

did u hav a broken leg wen u did ths?~!

Riya Das said...

nopes :D but i had looooooooads of time