Tuesday, August 28, 2007


learn to love i did
and as long as you love me back i take it
..take all the differences
take all the "givings"..and the "give ups"
only that i am not giving in
love me
do do do
till your heart bursts and mine too
till we know what we want is right
till we go both ways
its all about the "wantings" and the "dont cares"
take me take me
bowl me over till i dont get it
till i wish a fast forward
learn to love i did
and i have learnt it so well
that i am scared to escape
i cannot escape
learning made it a habit :)


the lost_poet said...

added you to my blogroll.

Riya Das said...

:D cool

the lost_poet said...

you have been tagged by me :P!

Riya Das said...

sukir bhasay boli? khek khek

Jadis said...

Heyy!! You have a really beautiful, floaty, yet deep style of writing...That was a nice read...
This is Priyadarshini by the way...I dropped in here through Shailpik's blog...

Suki said...

hmm... Miaow.

Likhchhish to besh.

Riya Das said...

hee hee....ami kotodin por elam...khek khek...