Thursday, July 12, 2007


a day gone again,
and gone in vain,
with words dat didnt register,
with hours dat hurt like a blister,
and a hot afternoon
was horrid,so forgive my june-with-spoon.
the long hot break,
in that stinking little wreck,
then the stupid little plans,
no reason,no romance.
just rubbish jokes and art,
where i played my part.
the old hag telling stories,
about past history and glories.
then the end of it all,
i wish i could bawl.
some pictures were drawn,
i was less forlorn.
till you came along,
with your weary song.
exhaustion in our eyes,
made my frights rise.
you were tired and sick,
but still you played the trick,
to show you were fine.
your intentions were divine,
but i swallowed my pains,
and took the weak reins.
you went home,
i could not roam,
so i went home too,
worried and clueless about what to do.
then i chunked it out,
"its nothing" i heard myself shout.

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