Wednesday, April 25, 2007


there were times when
i just could
look and take my eyes away

but now it leaves a picture
and i want it to be sweet

and it tastes normal

so why why why
do you...
do you need to tell me
..its fake girl
its all a cloud girl
get away from it girl
you are not happy girl

do hell with your troubled self
and your history
coz you are not me

and i am not you
i just cannot be

you only trouble me
make me lost when i am so sure
that i know ...
i know it all

you say you care...
yeah you do

but so many of them care
did i ever need it..
did it ever matter?

i slipped away
u could not..
u failed my dears..
so skip the lecture

coz there is no pain...
dont tell me this is not my happiness

coz i have had enough
and i dont want the luxury of feeling lost anymore.

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