Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sometimes tears get solidified into a shapeless lump of ice with jagged edges
That gets lodged in the deep dark center of my empty heart...
It pricks and prods, and cuts from within, while the outside beats like a relentless machine;
I could melt it and fill my insides with cold water and drown from inside out,
I could try and scratch my eyes till they bled flecks of unforgiving bits of snow,
I could stop breathing and let the cold engulf me as I close my eyes and imagine a pool of azure all around...
But I follow my mind, and hope for the ice to dislodge!
Could it just disappear, as though by magic?
Or would it mercilessly tear through me and fall out?
Either way, I just wish I could be warm again!


Anonymous said...

The jagged ice looks back, as though in disbelief!
"Am I still the same element that once gave you your life force?" it asks,
Knowing fully well that it wasn't any more.

As if turning into tears wasn't enough, it can now give you nothing but hurt,
Scarring your insides as it clings on to 'its' minuscule corner, desperately,
Like an orphaned child, who won't let go of its dead mother's bosom.

But as time passes and the seasons change,
The ice will vaporize,
Realizing that it was never welcome in your heart.
And some day, when all the water in the world fails to quench your thirst,
The ice will melt again for you, hoping to melt your heart.

Anonymous said...

i'm back to blogworld and it is good to see that rdsherlock is still around! :D

Riya Das said...

HEY! Glad to see you back here. Long time. Visiting your blog right away!