Saturday, June 15, 2013


There was one who pushed me into empty rooms to kiss my cheek,
One held hands in dark rooms and pressed them till they went crimson,
Another, my sweet young love, took long walks and touched me with his brutal innocence,
Then came one with constant laughter and beauty of the free...

But you, my love, my deepest love so far, came so close to my mind
That you put me to sleep, with the mere sound of your breathing.


Anonymous said...

Wish the breath would stop
Only to wake you for once,
To free you from the Incubus.
But would that kill your beloved dreams?
It would, the 'others' believe.
Breath on, I will, to let you sleep,
To let you dream...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My dreams are slowly becoming my reality,
Taking over my mundane waking hours.
They may merge one day,
And I do hope they will.
Then I shall open my eyes
And see you beside me,
Still breathing,
As much in the real as in the dream.